Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sons of Kong?: Bride of the Gorilla (1951)

Were you trying to get all experimental on me?  Today's Film is Bride of the Gorilla, the second-to-last Film in the Set (if viewed in Chronological Order, that is).  After so many of these Films, do I get something new?  Well, yes.  Is it actually good though?  Well, no.  This Film has some notable Cast Members, but a slightly-lazy Plot and some iffy execution.  It tells the Story of a Worker who kills his Boss and then marries up 'the food chain.'  His crimes come with a Gypsy-related curse, however, and hijinks ensue.  If that last part sounds like The Wolfman, then you can blame the Director- he also made that Universal Film!  On top of that, Lon Chaney Jr is here too!  Supposedly he was nearly given the Lead, which would have just made the comparison all the more hard to ignore.  Instead of him, you won't believe who the actual Lead is.  To find out (quickly), this one mystery (and others), read on...
This guy doesn't like being treated as a lower-class person just because he works on the Plantation.  He's...Perry Mason?!?

Oh well, at least it isn't Steve Martin.
He's having an affair with the Owner's young Wife, which doesn't sit well with the man (obviously).
The pair have a confrontation, which leads to the Owner dying at the hands of...a non-poisonous Constrictor Snake.  Silly lack of Science.
The Sheriff- Lon Chaney Jr- investigates the case, but finds no evidence of guilt.  Meanwhile, a Gypsy makes a curse...
We interrupt this Story to show you Stock Footage of a sarcastic Leopard...
Burr acts strange and thinks that something is happening to him.  Meanwhile, a mysterious Creature keeps being spotted in the nearby Jungle.
After alot of build-up (and with five minutes left!), the Gorilla finally shows up!  He escapes with the woman, but is shot.
The Gorilla is Burr!  Well, that or he just thinks he was a Gorilla.  It doesn't explain his clothes being torn, but...TWIST!  Maybe!  The End.
What an odd one.  I guess it might seem weird for me to complain about a Film that tries to be different, right?  Well, tough crap.  This one...just didn't work for me.  I get that the Director and Writer were trying to be more vague and experimental.  The problem is that they don't make an interesting enough Film.  It isn't at all awful- it just isn't interesting.  Seeing Burr and Chaney in a Film together is interesting to a certain extent.  As a bonus, a young Tim Conway appears too!  The big problem is that there is no Gorilla sighting until the very end, save for glimpses of the paws.  I get that it is part of the Film's ambiguous ending...but it still kind of sucks.  In lieu of silly stuff like the Ape Suit (still the same one, it seems!), you get exceptionally-grainy Stock Footage of Animals reacting to something just off-camera.  Oh, you tease!  In the End, this one has some good ideas behind it, but just fails in the execution.  If you want more proof, check out this massive hit!
Next up, I wrap up the Sons of Kong set (Thank, Xenu!).  It doesn't go out with a bang, but with some rip-off Actors.  Stay tuned...

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