Saturday, May 30, 2015

Twin Piqued: Lonely Souls

It gets super-crazy this Saturday in the lovely town of...
In this Episode, a big truth is revealed and all sorts of weird stuff goes down...
Important Moment
- Leo is still mostly-comatose, but his random exclamations lead James to find a cassette tape hidden in a boot heel!
- While Lynch leaves (aw!), the others take the 1-Armed Man to the Hotel.  He checks some people to no avail, but freaks out when Ben Horne approaches.
- The shut-in guy has killed himself by the time Hawk arrives, but the Police find Laura's Secret Diary and begin to check it out.

- Audrey gets the truth from her Dad and then turns on him, leading Cooper and Truman to arrest him.

- The night of his arrest, the mysterious Japanese Man goes to Pete and reveals himself to be...Catherine!

- Log Lady leads Cooper and Truman to the local Bar where a Singer performs.  During her song, the Giant reveals himself again to Cooper.  Why?
Well, Leland turns out to be Evil Bob's host and kills Maddy!  Sorry again, Sheryl Lee.
There are two Themes here.  The major one is Reflections.  Cases in point...

- Maddy plans to leave Town to be her own person and stop being Laura's 'reflection.'
- Leland's reveal comes when we see Evil Bob in the mirror.
- Instead of showing us the sign for the Bang Bang Bar, Lynch gives us its reflection in a puddle.
The lesser Theme is the Spotlight.  The final Scene with Bob/Leland is shot with an eerie spotlight over him/them at all times.  A similar thing happens when the Giant appears to Cooper.  Coincidence?
Weird Moment(s)
This is a close one, although...I think I can make the call.

The reveal of Catherine as the Japanese Businessman is weird, but a bigger Plot Point overall.  So the real winner is...

The Scene where Ed and Nadine go to the Diner.  He has to cover for her age-related psychosis with Norma.  When she orders a Chocolate Shake, she starts to grip it and...boom goes the glass!
Wow.  This is the kind of Episode that you wait for.  Twin Peaks makes you wait for the big moments, but it totally pays off!  I kind of knew about Leland, but it was still cool to see the reveal.  He plays the Scene quite well- kudos, Ray Wise.  Apparently to keep the secret, Lynch shot the Murder Scene a third time with Ben Horne as the Killer.  That's the kind of commitment to hiding SPOILERS that we need these days.  Now I can tell you almost half of the Plot of some movies like Suicide Squad before they are even done shooting!  I digress.  This Episode has the right amount of Humor, craziness and suspense for me.  It all builds up to the big moment that totally leaves you wanting more.  You don't know how hard it is for me to NOT binge-watch this Show!  I can't wait to see how this crazy Show continues to deliver.  Furthermore, will we ever get follow-up on the Plot Point of Aliens talking about Cooper?!?  In closing, let's return to that Episode of Darkwing Duck which manages to transpose Nadine and Norma into one person...
Next up, in the wake of a killing, what else could happen?  More importantly, will Lurch be of actual help?  Stay tuned...

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