Friday, May 8, 2015

Quick Reviews: Halo- Nightfall

Oh right- this was in my Queue.  Today's Film is Halo: Nightfall, a Video Game Film Produced by Ridley Scott.  I don't know how hands on he was here- it is his Production Company.  Why is he Producing a Film based on Halo?  Dunno.  Regardless, this is a thing, so...
Exposition!  I guess you need this for the Story, but shouldn't it be crawling or something?  Boo.
Two Aliens are making some sort of Arms Deal.  Nice of them to meet by The Lake House though.
Our heroes try to stop the Alien with the weapon (the one on the right above), but he drops it and a wave of...something goes out and makes the humans nearby sick.  Alright.
The team tracks the source of the weapon to a floating hunk of debris that used to be part of the titular Halo (a round, orbital weapon).  Time to go exploring!
They arrive on the land and are attacked by freaky spore monsters.  They look way too much like the things from The Hive for me though.
That is when the Film devolves into, well, Alive.  I won't SPOIL anymore though.  The End.
Damn, not what I expected.  A Halo Film- sounds good.  Well, the Show was pretty good, but the other one was just alright, but nothing special.  This one is not bad on any technical level.  It is well-shot, pretty well-lit and generally well-acted.  Nobody does a bad job, really.  Some of them even do a really good job showing anger, concern and desperation.  This is a Halo Film though.  No Master Chief?  Like two Aliens?  Instead of that, we get sad, upset people in dark, dirty locations.  Great, so you just added that thing that it is a ton of Shooters like Gears of War?  To note, Halo doesn't generally use such locations or dark lighting.  It is like Noon all-day on the Halo in the first Halo.  Great thing to add, guys!  Ultimately, this one doesn't really look bad, but gets super dark and serious for no good reason.  War- War never changes.  It does, however, provide you with a shit ton of Language Options!
Not bad, but very over-dramatic.  This is Halo, right?

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