Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Holiday Tripe: Mexican Werewolf in Texas

Can we discuss this Title for a second?  Today's Film is Mexican Werewolf in Texas, a 2005 Direct-to-Video Horror Film.  So what is a Mexican Werewolf?  Is it a Mexican guy who gets turned into a Werewolf?  Is it any guy who gets bitten by some sort of Mexican version of a Werewolf?  Is it something else entirely?  In addition, why does it matter what State he's in?  The answer is this: it is a Chupacabra.  Granted- it looks, acts and generally seems to be a Werewolf...but it isn't.  Make sense?  Nope- not to me either.  This Film is about a bunch of rednecks (in Texas?) who must stop a mysterious creature.  I guess that makes sense since this is apparently set in the 'Goat Capital of the Country.'  Sure- why not?  I'll keep this somewhat brief since many of you are probably on your third Tequilas by now.  To find out more, read on...
In Texas, there are alot of mysterious deaths of Goats and people at night.

I should note that this Film does an In Media Res Intro, since...reasons.
Our Heroes are the young people in Town, since they are inherently-smarter than everyone else.
The movie keeps the Monster hidden for quite awhile, but does not shy away from having attacks.
Oh and they use random Filters for some reason.  This...is better?
When you finally see the monster, it looks kind of neat.  It makes you wonder though- why the hell is this just not a Werewolf?  I'm confused.
Not to be a snob, but isn't this what people tend to think of the creature looking?
Oh well, they kill it.

Of course, we saw the End of the Movie at the start, so either it lived or there were more.  The End.
Not that great.  Honestly, this one is just so damn uninspired.  Rednecks try to kill a monster, most of them die and then our Heroes kill it.  Other than that, not much happens.  They get the Film to 80+ minutes by having our Female Lead not get along with our Parents.  Yea?  She also Narrates about half of the Film.  Double Yea?  On the plus side, this one was free to watch (with Ads).  On the negative side, it wasn't very good.  I can at least take solace in the fact that the Special Effects in this 2005 Film are still less silly than in 2013's Chupacabra vs The Alamo...
Next up, I cover a well-regarded Film with two Comic Book Stars in it.  As a bonus, it is also named after an X-Man.  Stay tuned...

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