Thursday, May 14, 2015

Before 'Age of Ultron': Fur- An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

More like 'Before people remembered Robert Downey Jr.'  Today's Film is Fur, a faux Biopic of sorts of famed Picture Artist Diane Arbus.  They key thing is that this Film comes from 2006.  While he wasn't exactly a nobody at this point, Downey's stock rose 1000% in 2007 when Iron Man became a hit.  So, with that in mind, it is interesting to see what he was doing right before that.  The Film *sort of* tells the story of Arbus' rise to becoming a Photographer.  It was 'inspired by' a Book about her life and just kind of made up events.  The idea is strange, admittedly.  Arbus' work is full of Photos of people that don't normally get photographed, so this 'explains' how that came to be.  It is all sorts of weird, but that's kind of the point.  So if you want to know about Diane Arbus, read a Book.  If you want to see a weird Story somewhat inspired by her work, read on...
Diane Arbus is married to a nice man (a Photographer) and has 2 kids.  Why does she feel strange?
She seeks adventure and fulfillment.  She seeks the bizarre.  She finds it in their upstairs neighbor...
It turns out that he is a former Freak that suffers from a Disease that makes him constantly grow hair, making him look like a Werewolf.

However, the man (Downey Jr) is actually quite classy and exactly what she was looking for.
In some super-arty shit, she starts watching his Home Movies and ends up seeing memories from her past. hurts...
The Neighbor introduces Arbus to a whole new world of 'deviants' that intrigues and inspires her.
Her Husband starts out supportive, but presses her to not abandon her life for this.  Oh and he's jealous of the 'Wolfman.'  Look at that beard!
She eventually is about to see the real man behind the hair and take his photo...but he dies that day.
He leaves behind a coat he made (of his own hair) and an inspiration to photograph the unique.
...which is what she does, as the Film leaves us with her (and her out-of-focus body double) at a Nudist Colony to take some Photos.  The End.
Weird, but pretty good.  For what it is worth, I liked Fur.  It is not the kind of Film that I usually watch.  For one thing, it Stars Nicole Kidman and I think this is the first Film of her's I've seen in...Lord knows how long.  Second, I'm not big on these kinds of obtuse, arty Films.  That's what I use Bob for.  Regardless, I still kind of liked it.  I can't say that I connected to the Characters as much as they wanted and was as thrilled with the choices that they made as they were.  The Story is just plain odd, but also a bit distant.  You have to really feel for Arbus and understand her situation, but I never quite did.  It is Shot, Acted and Written well enough.  I can't complain about any of technical stuff, but I just never quite got into the Film overall.  Shortly after seeing it, I already begin to think of it as 'that weird Film I watched.'  Ultimately, that's what it is- some weird Film you watch.  If you like Arbus' work and want to see a crazy theory behind it, it is fine.  Otherwise, it just serves to show you what I feel like some mornings when I haven't shaved in a few days...
Next up, a final 'Age of Ultron' Review that also connects to a previous Post.  If you thought Smothering was a weird fetish, you ain't seen anything yet.  Stay tuned...

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