Saturday, May 9, 2015

Twin Piqued: Laura's Secret Diary

It is Saturday, so get out bullet-blocking bugs for our trip to...
In this one, scheming, confessing and...reading.  Dun dun dun...
Important Stuff
- Leland confesses to the murder of Jacques, but acts crazy the whole time.  Time to call in the Judge.
- A Travel Critic is apparently coming to Town, causing the Diner and Hotel to freak out!

- Audrey's kidnapping is revealed to her Father and Jacques' brother says that Cooper must deliver the random.

- Donna reads part of Laura's Secret Diary (Title Line!), but its current Owner doesn't want it to be revealed.  She later plots to take it back, while making a(n intentionally) confusing closing line to Laura's Cousin about James...

- Oh and a Japanese guy beats up the jerk from the Diner too.
The big Theme of the Episode is Arrivals.  Let's go over it, shall we?

- The return of Josie, plus her accomplice(?).
- The arrival of the Hotel/Restaurant Critic.
- The arrival of the Judge  to work on Leland's case, plus the Lawyer (assumed to be the Critic by Diner Staff)

- The arrival of the mysterious Japanese man (assumed to be the Critic by Hotel Staff).
As a bonus, here's an esoteric one for you.  Dick shows up and offers to pay for Lucy to have an Abortion.  In other words, he wants to stop the baby's arrival.  BOOM- I'm good at this!
Weird Moment(s)
There were a few wacky bits, but the idea of the Judge amuses me alot.  He travels around in an RV and only comes to Town when called.  As a bonus, he travels with his Clerk (who may or may not be in a relationship with him).

It is weirder if she isn't, right?
This one is good, although it does continue the trend of mostly just building up things.  We get some big moments- like Leland's confession-, so it isn't like they are just treading water.  Well, at least completely.  They continue to tease you with 'someone is coming' and 'what is going to happen next?'  I do like that this one more directly has Characters either arriving or acting on their plans.  It makes it less about 'what will they do?' and more about 'who is this guy?' instead.  The new Characters are all pretty interesting and seem to help build up the Story more.  Who is the guy planning with Josie?  What happened to the Lawyer in the Diner?  What the hell is up with this crazy Judge?  As always, Lynch and company keep me interested and wondering what is going to happen next.  I want to know where this Story is going, which is a testament to the Writing.  Even knowing certain things about the Story to come doesn't stop me from continuing to want to keep watching.  Oh and if you want to know more about Laura's Diary, there's a book for it.  Re-release to come?
Next week, can the Diary end up in new hands?  Plus, what will the rambling Judge decide?  See you then...

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