Saturday, May 23, 2015

Twin Piqued: Demons

Another Saturday and another day in that kooky town of..
In this Episode, some Stories seem to end...but it can't be that simple.  Certainly not in this Town...
Important Stuff
- Leo is all set up at home (Hi, Ian Abercrombie!), but his payout is only $700!  The pair throw a sarcastic Party all the same...but worry that Leo is somewhat responsive.
- One of Cooper's colleagues arrives in Town and he's...David Lynch?!?  He drops some info and talks real loud (since he's mostly deaf).

- Oh and another note from Cooper's former-Partner arrives.

- Josie is forced to leave by threat of violence, but first has to get her money from Ben.  They verbally-joust and she manages to win (for now).
- The Teen Detectives escape from the crazy guy, but he still has the Diary.  Donna talks to the Sheriff, but he's not much help.

- Leland gets to work again...but then goes crazy again and sings a song from 'The King and I.'

- Audrey is rescued and brought home, but tensions between her and Dad are high.  Will she spill the beans on his side business?
- They bring in the 1-Armed Man for questioning after finding out that the drug he was taking is an anti-psychotic.  When they don't give it to him in time, he changes behavior and reveals that he's possessed by the Man from Cooper's Dreams.

He wants to find Evil Bob and he' the Hotel!!!
The loose Theme here is Secrets.  For example...

- Keeping Secrets gets the Teen Detectives in trouble that they must be saved from.
- Ben Horne's secrets about One-Eyed Jacks stand to be revealed if he's not careful.
- The biggest secret: that the 1-Armed Man is actually a vessel for an ancient Spirit!
Like super-trippy man!
Weird Moment(s)
Nothing can top the arrival of David Lynch's mostly-deaf FBI Agent.  Yes, not even Ian Abercrombie's plaid sport coat!

He talks way too loud (even with secrets), constantly talks just a little too late and does the same voice as he did as 'Gus' on The Cleveland Show.  Sum it up, David.
Good stuff.  This has alot of build-up to future Stories, but keeps the momentum going.  Some Characters- like Renault or Andy- don't appear in this Episode, which will make their return more impactful.  New Characters and events- be them Lynch's arrival- keep the Story building and humming.  What will happen with Josie?  What will happen to Laura's Cousin now that she plans to leave?  Who is possessed by Bob?  What will Cooper's Partner do?  Will they get the Secret Diary back?  All of these questions and more will be time.  In the meantime, here is Gus bonding with a Llama (as only Lynch could do)...
Next week, so many things are dying to come out.  What does and what doesn't?  Stay tuned...

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