Friday, May 1, 2015

Immediate Response: Avengers- Age of Ultron

You had to know that I was going.  You had to know that I didn't want to wait.  I didn't...
The Good
* This thing is big, loud and fun when the Action comes.  The money is all on-screen and well-spent.
* The new additions- Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Vision- are all well done.  Each one gets some good moments to shine, even among Cap and company.  Same with the villains.
* Ultron is absolutely brought to life by James Spader.  He really does 'play' the Character, rather than just being a guy you hear doing the voice.  Well done stuff!
* All of the Characters you already know get some nice Arcs and Development.  Cap is still Cap, but isn't white-bread.  The angle with Black Widow and The Hulk is neat too.
* The Humor is a nice addition to a Film with some dark Sub-Plots and overtones.  Good balance.
* Side-note: it is nice to see War Machine back.  No Iron Patriot get-up this time either.
* It is neat to see that key parts of the Plot relate to the ENTIRE History of the Characters like Stark.
* As a personal thing, I like the use of South Korean locations and a Character from there.  It isn't China, so good for them!
* Nice Mid-Credits Teaser.

The Bad
* Not much to complain about here, so....

- Um, I guess Ultron shows up a bit too quickly...maybe.
- I would have liked to see someone from Agents of SHIELD here (but I can accept it just fine).

So yeah, this one is just damn awesome.  No real complaints from me.

I will admit that there is alot for people to catch up on, but the Film does a pretty good job of introducing all of the important stuff.

If you were on the fence, get off.  This one is freaking great!

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  1. Loved and adored Avengers: Age of Ultron. Amazing film--in a sense, it's just a huge action movie, but it's one that bothers to try with the plot and really, really does a great job with the characters. It ends up being much more than just a sequence of big-budget action scenes.

    Though the big-budget action scenes are awesome.

    I was so happy to see they got Cap a lot better in this one than in the first. Like in his two solo films (especially Winter Soldier), they understood in this film that you can have a character who is just a good, nice guy but he can still be interesting. It's nice to see that in films. I felt like in the first Avengers film they couldn't quite figure out what to do with this one, they kept him a major part of things and really had him part of the group, and with a lot of personality. He's always been my favorite Marvel character, so I was pleased to see him treated well by the film. Chris Evans is great as him, too, as always.

    Nice to see them giving him more "leader" scenes, too. And that scene with him and the hammer contest...awesome. Overall, he just got a lot more love in this film, and I'm happy--that was one of my very few problems with the first Avengers film.

    A few other comments...

    Loved and adored the sheer amount of teamwork in this film. The Avengers really felt like a disciplined fighting force that knew each other's moves. Especially a lot of creative work with Cap's shield (my favorite, I think, being Thor's hitting it with Mjolnir to send it flying like a death-disc through enemy hordes).

    Downey's Tony Stark continues to be utterly hilarious, but I appreciated that they showed more of his troubled side here. Nice to see him in some major internal conflict, and needing to work through it with the aid of the others.

    Excellent character building with Black Widow and Hawkeye...I was glad to see them get more development, particularly Hawkeye, who has been seriously underexplored before this. Good work with Banner, as well. Got a real sense of major developments for those three, and that was nice to see.

    Really cool portrayal of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

    Overall, the film really brings a ton of things together...but does so really well. I've seen other films try to bring a mass of characters and plots in and tie everything together and be badly hurt by it, but this film just flows nicely and ties everything together into a cohesive whole. There are one or two bits that seem like they could have used a bit more development (Thor's bit at the cave, maybe) but by and large, the film just plain works.

    Ultron was very funny and a good counterpart, quip-wise, to Stark. I don't think it hurt him at all as a villain - it fit the mood of the film and just made him seem like a confident and self-assured mastermind.

    Loved the film. Very mean trolling us right at the end, though!