Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Top 12 Interesting Facts About Vincent Price Films

In honor of the Birthday of Vincent Price​, here are 12 Interesting Facts about him/his Films...

1. His career progression can be seen in one Story- The Tower of London.  He appears in 2 Versions of the Film and goes up a level of Cast Importance between them (1939 and 1962).

2. Price did work with the legendary James Whale...but in Green Hell.  He would go on to mock the Film- alot!
3. Vincent Price does interact with Abbott and Costello, as he appears in a Voice Cameo at the end of Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (reprising his Invisible Man role).

4. Speaking of which, the Character of 'Invisibo' on Freakazoid sounds like Price as an homage to him playing an 'Invisible Man' in The Invisible Man Returns.

5. Price played 'Joseph Smith' in a Biopic of 'Brigham Young' in 1944!
6. No huge secret, but Price's most iconic Horror Film (House of Wax) is a Remake.  Still a better Remake than the Paris Hilton Film though...

7. Why was Return of the Fly Film in Black-and-White while the first was in Color?  It was just cheaper- that's why!

8. While famous for his Poe Films, Price did play 'Charles Dexter Ward' in a loose adaptation of a Lovecraft Film called The Haunted Palace.  As a bonus, they even credit the Story as belonging to Poe!
9. While he never played 'Dracula' on Film, Price did play him (sort of) on F-Troop!
10. No secret, but isn't it funny that Price's last Wife was the woman he kills with a Hairdryer in Theater of Blood?  Horror love right there, folks.

11. Price shares a birthday with Christopher Lee and (off by a day) Peter Cushing.  The trio appeared together in a couple of Films, but only one where they really interact all the much- House of Long Shadows.
12. In fitting fashion, Price's last work of Poe's would take place on Tiny Toon Adventures!  Good stuff.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Price.  I hope that you and Poe are making them all shiver up in Heaven right now.

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