Saturday, January 3, 2015

Zoned Out: The Little People of Killany Woods

As we usher in a New Year, let me wrap up this Disc of...
In this Tale, a Man tells a fantastical Tale...that is also true.  Only, it isn't quite how it sounds...
In a small Irish town, a man tells a Tale of meeting some 'little people.'
Naturally, he's treated with some derision.  After all, who believes in 'little people' like Leprechauns?
His proof lies in some mysterious metal that he pays for his drinks with.  It's gold!
The Bartender is now a believer and follows the man.  He wants the gold for himself!
As it turns out, they are not Leprechauns- they are Aliens!

They are little men in green though, so there is such thing as truth in advertising.
In the End, the aliens get the parts they need- which the man bought with the gold- and leave with the man.  The Bartender is just stunned.  The End.
This is another one of those Tales that is just silly and fun.  I have no complaints about that.  How does a tale that is seemingly-about Leprechauns end up being about Aliens?  It's The Twilight Zone- that's how!  It doesn't really have to make alot of sense to me.  Considering that future Segments that will be highlighted include mutant Teachers, Satan and William Shakespeare, anything is fair game here!  This is one of the shorter Segments, so you pretty much get a 'Here's the Story and it is over' approach.  They don't build it up that much, nor do they really short-change it either.  The whole thing is succinct, I guess you could say.  That's pretty much it.  It is played for laughs and silliness, so all you can really do is either smile or just make this face...
Next week, I begin a whole new set of Episodes in a big way.  With a big Director and a future Star on board, who would bet against this one?  Stay tuned...

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