Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Impossibly-Cool Promotional Art: King Kong (1976)

One of the mostly-lost Art Forms it seems are Lobby Cards.  They were a big thing for a long time.

Basically, they were pieces of promotional imagery to sell you on Movies.  They would be displayed in the Lobby and were the size of Post Cards (generally), hence the name.

Want to know why I miss them?  Here's a great example (from a non-great Film): 1976's King Kong...
Holy crap!

This is obviously much cooler than how the Film's bit plays out.  It does its job right though: it makes me want to watch the Movie!

I mean, I won't.  I'll stick with the one by RKO or Peter Jackson's one any day.

Regardless, don't you wish that we still got stuff like this?

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