Friday, January 30, 2015

That Guy!: Sven-Ole Thorsen

Have you ever kept seeing an Actor in stuff and think 'Who is that guy?'

I sure do.  I think that alot.

Well, let me help you out with that this once (and more if this works out).  Do you know This Guy?
He's Sven-Ole Thorsen.

He has been in alot of Movies.  He is in pretty much every Schwarzenegger Film.  I checked...
He never really got any major lines or anything- he was just, well, beef to appear.  The high point is probably in Running Man (first pic), where he plays a guy named 'Sven.'  I'd guess that it was so that he would react when people talk to him.

I kid, I kid (a little).  Why the love though?
Let's just say that they go back a long way.

The high and low point of Sven's Career is probably his only real Leading Role.  Unfortunately, it is in...
...Abraxas: Guardian of the Universe!  He's the villain who faces off with Jesse Ventura (his Co-Star in Running Man) as an evil alien guy (or something).  It isn't good.

He was in Gladiator though.
To be clear: I'm not knocking the guy.  He's Danish, so there was obviously a language/culture barrier.  He's had a long Career, so no jokes on my part can take that way from him.

He was, and is, a big, burly guy who just happens to be random Thugs or Henchman in stuff.

Unless you have never watched an Action Film in your entire life, you are almost guaranteed to see one of his Films (even if you don't catch him).

Do you have a 'That Guy!' you want highlighted?  Leave a comment and we'll see what happens.