Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Dead Snow 2- Red vs Dead

Life sucks and then you die.

This bleak statement is proven to not be completely-true in Dead Snow 2.  This poor person is killed while visiting a WWII Museum by the Nazi Dead.

When the Film's Protagonist goes to cover their eyes, he accidentally revives them!
Unaware that he could do this, he freaks out and kills the recently-revived Zombie!
Now sure about what he can do, he brings the Zombie back to life again...
...only for it to be killed again by an axe to the face, courtesy of the Zombie Squad.
Not one to waste a resource, our hero revives the Zombie a 3rd time and takes them on the trip to revive the Russian Zombies.

When the car gets stuck, they need a platform to drive on to get free.  The platform: the Zombie.
Revived yet again, it helps in the final battle.  It takes down the Zombie Priest.  Time for a victory celebra...
...never mind.  False Alarm.
So, in summary, a person is killed for no reason...and revived...many, many times.

The lesson: don't go to Museums.

Knowledge = death.  Pass it on.

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