Thursday, January 22, 2015

Heavenly Flix?: Gabriel (2007)

Angels in the Underworld.  Today's Film is Gabriel, a 2007 Action Film that came bundled with Legion and Priest.  Is it remotely as famous as those Films?  Nope.  This is the 'What else do we have?' Film in the bundle.  It is like how I got the Puppet Master Films (minus the last one) bundled with the Killjoy Films.  Why not?  So what is this Film?  Well, it is a bunch of pretentious nonsense to set up some Action Scenes.  Too judgemental?  Alright, alright.  In Purgatory, there is a battle between Angels in human forms can see why I wanted to stick with the first explanation right.  The thing about this is that it feels very reminiscent of another Film: Underworld.  You'll see what I mean as this Review progresses.  This whole thing is...meh, but I will expand upon that.  They might be a bit lazy here, but I won't be.  To find out if this blows like Gabriel's horn or just plain blows, read on...
I won't go into this convoluted back-story too much, so here's the gist...

There are bunch of Angels in Purgatory- which looks post-apocalyptic- fighting for...Earth, maybe?
So our hero is an enigmatic person double-fisting guns and fighting dirty-looking people.  Throw in the blue filter- a common trend, mind you- and this looks like Underworld.
Well, at least there aren't any Vampires in this one...
...oh, never mind.

All kidding aside, Gabriel tracks down a woman and restores her memory.  She is also an Angel stuck here and doesn't exactly want his help (at least when nobody is trying to kill her).
When it is not about people talking quietly about its confusing back-story, the Film loves silly stuff like Bullet Cam.  Is there a point to this?
They also throw in an explosion or two, but that is a given.
After losing many of his friends, Gabriel makes a final stand against the villain: Sammael.
Naturally, it is raining during their final showdown.

It is also perpetual night- since everyone loves to copy Blade Runner.
After killing Sammael, but getting wounded in the process, Gabriel...jumps off of a building.  Um?  Uh.  Okay then.  The End?
This isn't all that terrible, but it does almost nothing to stand out.  Once you get past the bizarre Plot, this is just a mishmash of things that you've seen before.  The Action looks like Underworld and/or The Matrix.  The setting looks like Blade Runner crossed with Gotham City.  The Acting is not that great/impressive either, so there's not much to be interested in.  Nothing terrible here- just nothing really interesting or great.  More forgiving fans of Action might like this better.  More forgiving fans of Stories like this might like it better too.  As for me, it is a middle-of-the-road Film with high hopes, but not much in the way of results.  On the plus side, I know that this guy is wide-awake...
Next up, I'll steal a line from Michael Cole as we switch gears in the most dramatic way possible.  Let's check out a Film about Vacuum Cleaner Rapists.  Stay tuned...

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