Saturday, January 31, 2015

Zoned Out: Examination Day

After last week's silly Segment, let's take a more dark trip to...
In this Segment, a test in the future proves to be quite serious...
It is this kid's birthday!  Congratulations, buddy!
He lives in the very Blade Runner-looking future.
Tomorrow, he is going to be eligible to take a test to determine his place in society. Go Dauntless!
The Parents seemed really nervous that night and all throughout the day as they awaited news.
The reason for their nervousness becomes clear when they get the news together later that day.

As it turns out, their son tested *too well.*  His results were outside the top percentile and he is being 'put down!'  Damn!  The End.
That's cold!  This one is interesting for being short, bleak and sci-fi.  The condensed runtime doesn't give you much time to ponder too much about the society.  You see what you need to see and know what you need to know.  It certainly helps in this tale.  The build-up is short, but nice.  You wonder in the early parts why the family wants to give the kid a toy and don't want him to study the night before.  You wonder what their priorities are.  When you see the Ending, it all makes sense.  They know how smart he is and are worried that he'll test too high. Their work doesn't pay off though, unfortunately for all of them.  You do have to wonder why the system works the way it does.  Mind you, the Segment ends right there, so they don't really want you to.  I almost skipped this one, but read Commenters for this Series talk about how dark this one was.  They weren't kidding!  In spite of that, let's leave on a happier note.  You know how this is the future?  If you have any doubts, notice that everything is now in squares!
Next week, we learn why you should never pick up hitchhikers.  Unlike in Porn, they aren't always hot blondes with nymphomania.  See you then...

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