Thursday, January 29, 2015

Project Terrible Returns- By Demand!

Oh yeah, this is back!

Project Terrible is all about dishing out bad movies and receiving (hopefully less) bad movies in return.  Are your picks worse than theirs?

In this epic Round, the whole Gang is back!

What kind of stuff will you see?  It will include Films like...

- Death Racers
- Mongolian Death Worm
- Dating a Zombie
- Movie 43
- Dream Warrior
- Creature From the Haunted Sea
- Succubus: Hellbent
- Rollergator
- Total Retribution
- Transcendence

As you can see, we have an interesting mix of Films this Round.  It should keep everyone on their toes.

The fun should begin right around March, so mark your Calendars!  Enjoy our pain!

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