Thursday, January 29, 2015

Recent Flix: Tusk (2014)

At long last, I cover a new Kevin Smith Film.  I've missed his last few- everything since Clerks 2-, so I was overdue.  I will get around to Red State later.  In the meantime, here is his latest work.  Inspired by a Podcast (much like Citizen Kane), the Film is Tusk.  The Plot is simple: creepy guy wants to make people into a Walrus.  I know, I know- so cliche!  This is certainly a weird Story.  The Film got alot of mixed Reviews and I know one Austrian that didn't like it.  Of course, I like Kevin Smith- and own most of his Films-, so I may be less impartial than others.  The question is this: did Smith make a funny Horror Film or a scary Comedy?  The answer is not 100% clear, to be honest.  Just like Bobcat Goldthwait, Smith seems like he was forced to make a Horror Film- see Willow Creek- to stay in the market.  His Film was kind of in the same boat as far as quality and tone too, come to think of it.  Is this a funny success or a scary failure?  To find out (with minimal SPOILERS), read on...
This is our Hero.  He does a funny Podcast.

His trip to interview a Viral Video Star takes a dark detour, so now he needs a new Story.
As luck would have it, he finds a solicitation for a guy promising strange Stories in exchange for room/board.
After some back-and-forth (and a Story about Hemingway), the man's motives become more clear.
Our hero is now trapped with the man and he learns that the once-nice man wants to experiment...
He calls for help, but his girlfriend and co-Host are not available.  He doesn't try to text though, which I can guess you can excuse due to his level of fright.
The man plans to experiment with our Hero in a twisted way.  As hard as it is, I will not reveal any of the real juicy visuals.  I'm a dick like that.
Our hero's friends arrive in Canada and don't get alot of help.  The rescue all hinges upon a quirky Detective, since I guess the Star of Due South was away.

Anybody?  Due South?  It was a good Show, you know!
I won't SPOIL any more of the 3rd Act out of respect for the Film.  That or I'm just a tease.

I will just say that things get weird and bloody.  The End.
I can see what people have been saying about this one.  The tone is a bit tricky to get a handle on.  I think that problem may have struck Mr. Smith as well.  I will say this: he did Write, Direct and Edit this one.  I won't question his ability to make a Film in general, mind you- as he has been doing it for 20 years now- but I will say that more than one creative voice is good to have.  As a barely-seen Writer, I get the appeal of doing it all yourself.  You have a vision and you don't want anyone screwing it up.  That said, professional Editors are in high demand for good reason.  What the Film does well is give you freaky moments, followed by quirky moments and then back again.  The balance is something that you will either love or hate.  It is the curse of doing a Horror-Comedy.  I think he gets it mostly right here.  I wasn't as fond of the Inspector bits as Smith clearly was, but they aren't the bulk of the Film.  For all the crap the Film got about being out of touch as far as Canadians go, I think that everyone gets a bit of an absurdist spin.  If they were the only ones, I'd get it.  The make-up work and design is the real draw here.  Let me assure you: it is freaky.  For me, it was disturbing and certain worth seeing the Film for.  If you are a squeamish, this may not be for you at times.  If you like your Horror to be straight as an arrow, this definitely is not for you.  It is a weird, bizarre Film that sort of touches upon both sides of the spectrum.  Fun Fact: both of these young ladies are related to people in the Film...
Next up, I cover a 2011 Film as a way to cash in on the DVD release of a 2014 Film.  Can one Film about a Toy be better than another?  Stay tuned...

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  1. Just reviewed this one as well, I loved it. So freaky, it's been Smiths freakiest film to date. And Red State was pretty freaky, but this one tops it.