Sunday, January 25, 2015

Rare Flix: Over-sexed Rugsucker From Mars

Where the hell do I begin?  Well, let's start with the title.  It is Over-Sexed Rugsucker From Mars.  Need I say more?  Probably.  Let's get to the Plot then.  It is about some aliens who come to Earth and plan to make a new Species.  The Species- Half-Human/Half-Vacuum Cleaner.  I'll pause to let you react appropriately.  To that end, they animate a nearby Vacuum.  Through a series of circumstances, it ends up loose in the city and terrorizing some people.  Meanwhile, its original Owner- a homeless man named Vernon- is going through Therapy and a make-over to become a better member of society.  Interesting side-note: this is supposedly one of only 3 Films officially rejected for use on Mystery Science Theater 3000- alongside Child Bride.  Another thing to note is the Director- Michael Paul Girard.  His Filmography- from 1989 to 2006- includes this Film, previous review Getting Lucky, a Witchcraft sequel, a bunch of softcore Porn and...Operation Dalmatian: The Adventure.  It is all kinds of random!  So is this Film, so that makes sense.  To find out more (you know you want to!), read on...
Some stop-motion Aliens (looking worse than in Laserblast) land on Earth by a homeless man.  They think that the Earth is too dirty (note their size), so they plan to make a new Species.
They animate the man's Vacuum and he proceeds to well, you know, do stuff.
While all of this silliness is happening, we meet our terrible Lead.  He hates his wife and his life, but loves to oggle the neighbor lady.  He even sabotages her car to force her to carpool with him!
While he's in the Shower (watching the neighbor again), the new Vacuum he bought- the animated one- attacks and kills his wife.  It is silly.
He is arrested- after he survives his attack- and put on trial for killing his wife.  This makes the neighbor lady feel...bad for him...somehow.
Speaking of her, she is attacked, violated by the same Vacuum.  Since she hasn't had sex with her new-age boyfriend, she knows it knocked her up!  That sucks for you!
She stands up for our 'hero' at the Trial, but nobody believes the 'killer vacuum' idea.  Things change when she gives birth in Court...but I won't SPOIL what the baby looks like.
After some utter silliness involving two men chasing each other via shopping carts, the Vacuum is killed (I guess) and then the Aliens (in their SIMON Ship) take the baby/thing.
In the wrap-up, our 'hero' sells a book, the neighbor lives happily and...the homeless man kills himself.  Funny?  The End.
This is dumb.  This is really dumb.  This is Troma dumb.  I'm almost surprised that they didn't buy and release this one.  If you can get past that, it has some funny moments and ideas.  If you like that kind of thing, you are definitely the person that this Film was made for.  The whole idea is silly from the get-go.  The Title will scare most people away.  Getting around all of that, I can't say that I had no fun with this.  It felt like a silly labor of love for those involved.  It is still not the kind of Film that I really like all that much though.  It is stupid.  It is ridiculous.  It is a very niche Film that my site probably isn't complete without.   All 4 of you that know it have probably been going 'when is he going to do this one?'  Well, I did.  I got it as a Christmas Present, which says alot about me.  The lesson: no matter how weird you are, some guy is probably married to a Sheep.
Next up, I cover a Film that has eluded me for nearly a Decade.  Can El Santo defeat the King of the Vampires?  Stay tuned...


  1. A mashup of this and Prometheus would be interesting, as the human/vacuum hybrids go of in search of their Engineers and meet up with Megamaid.

  2. Think about it: do you wanna REALLY wanna give me Allan Quatermain, or do you wanna give me this?


    1. Not a chance. You get to relive the movie that made me say this...

      'I would rather watch Harrison Ford be launched across the country by a series of nuclear bomb explosions than endure this crap again.'