Saturday, January 17, 2015

Zone Out: Teacher's Aide

Another Saturday is here and it is time to venture into...
In this tale, a new Teacher tries to help at a rough High School.  Magic plays a part in her quest, but will it be under control?
A Gang helps keep this High School a rough and tumble place.

Is this inspired by Class of 1984?  Maybe.
A Gargoyle on the building (must be French) seems to have an effect on the new Teacher (Adrienne Barbeau).
It gives her super-strength and the conviction to stand up to these classroom disruptions!
At first, this seems like it is helpful and actually inspires the other Teachers.

Unfortunately, things take a darker turn when the Gang Leader confronts the Teacher and she...looks mad.
He struggles for his life against the empowered (in a bad way) Teacher until...lightning strikes the Gargoyle.
That turns her back to normal and they leave in peace.  Everything is alright...I guess.  The End.
An interesting premise, but it feels like it is missing something.  It feels like someone came up with a great premise, some good follow-through and then forgot to really wrap it up right.  It builds and builds properly...and then just kind of stops.  Before that happens, you get a nice, well-acted Short Segment.  Barbeau plays the part properly, acting normal and slowly getting more aggressive.  It feels like a natural build-up.  The Effects behind her transformation are also quite good.  When you consider that this was made on a TV Budget around 30 years ago, it is really good!  If this was longer, it would be a much easier one to recommend or point out as a Lost Classic.  It was nearly there, but not quite on the mark.  I'd say more, but I've seen what Ms. Barbeau can do to a boombox!
Next week, a man seeks one simple thing: to wrote a perfect play.  He gets his wish, but not in any way that he could have guessed!  See you then...

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