Monday, January 5, 2015

Still Not German: Dead Snow 2- Red vs Dead

At last, a Horror Sequel that manages to do enough right to balance out what they do wrong.  Long after others have covered it, I am now featuring Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead.  Blogging isn't a Race, so it's all good.  I wasn't in love with the original Dead Snow, as it had an awkward mix of Comedy, Horror and Splatter.  I just didn't think that they got it right.  After a few years, would a second try be more successful?  In this Film, the lone survivor of the original Film escapes, but the threat of the Nazi Dead is still out there.  After some limb switcheroo, the man must find a way to stop the force that took out all of his friends.  Can he do it alone?  No, he needs some help from America...and Russia.  That's right- you need more Zombies to stop other Zombies.  Makes sense to me, that's for sure.  This one seems to 'go for it,'  Is it enough?  To find out (with minimal SPOILERS), read on...
We get a simple and concise Recap of the first Film, which thankfully doesn't take up 10 minutes in the typical Full Moon-style.

I still have to wonder what happened to our heroes' fear of blood though.
Due to weird situations, our hero has cut off one arm (Evil Dead 2-style) and ends up with the severed arm of the General (Herzog) put on there!  Sure was nice of the Hospital to sew someone else's arm onto him!

Now missing a limb, Herzog gets a new one- our hero's.
Our hero is assumed to have killed his friend (a Plot I've already seen in a Norwegian Horror Sequel!), so he needs some help.  A kid gives him the number of The Zombie Squad...before he accidentally gets killed.

One call to America and he has back-up!
While he waits, our hero goes to a Norway-based WWII Museum and finds the Exposition Display to explain the villain's back-story.  Thanks, plaque!
Meanwhile, Herzog and Company start killing lots of people on their way to their target city.  When they die, many are turned into new Soldiers via some new magic powers.

During all of this, one of the Zombies does 'The Worst Plan Ever' from Riki-Oh right- he opens one guy up and chokes another guy with his intestines!  That's how it is done!
With a big Army and a tank, can the Nazi Dead be stopped (especially if the only opposition is 3 Hipsters and a Tour Guide)?
Desperate, the group realizes that our hero can raise his own army- thanks to the arm-, so they track down one.
The Film builds up to a big battle between our heroes and their new Red Army vs the Nazi Dead.  Who will win?  Who will lose?  I won't say.  The End.
A definite improvement, but still a niche Film.  Dead Snow 2 gets alot of what it got wrong in the last Film right this time.  The Effects are mostly quite good and there is a consistent style to it that helps.  The trade-off is that the Film's sense of humor is still pretty twisted.  It didn't bother me, but it might bother some of you.  They go for gross-out moments as jokes (see the next Poor Bastard of Cinema) quite often.  Again- I'm cool with it, but you might not be.  The Film is quite gory and over-the-top.  That is something that you will certainly either love or hate about it.  Love it or hate it- the Film does 'go for it' big time.  I can't fault them for finally making the Movie that it seemed like they were trying to make the first time.  If you liked Dead Snow, but thought that it could have been better, this is the Film for you.  If the Film did nothing for you the first time, this one might sway you...but it also might not.  It is not perfect, but it does do many things right.  If you want to do something wrong, call a Police Department that still uses giant CRT Monitors...
Next up, a Rare Flick that is possibly a Sequel to a fairly-obscure Remake.  When in Venice, do as the Kinski do.  Stay tuned...

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  1. I think from now on every zombie film should bring in more zombies to beat them, because that was AWESOME. I wonder who your Poor Bastard will be? The zombie that they kept resurrecting? Hmmmm....