Monday, January 5, 2015

Mondo Bizarro's Top 10 WTF Movies and Weird Stuff From 2014

I'm not a normal guy.

*Pause for Effect*

As such, I don't do things in the normal way.  Best of the Year/Worst of the Year Lists- not my thing.  I do love Lists, but I want to do something different.

Since Mondo Bizarro is all about the weird, obscure and bizarre, let's focus on that.  Instead of sticking to Films that may have come out in 2014,  Why not?  I'm also going to do this in the order that they were covered in 2014.  Again- why not?

1. Zombie Stripper Apocalypse: A Film I picked up in the wake of Blockbuster closing their doors was...odd.  With no source of information available, I have no idea if the English Dub (which is the only option) is legitimate or a comedic overdub to make the Film a joke.  As it is, I'm not really laughing...or sure what the hell this is!

2. Dario Argento's Dracula 3-D: I absolutely didn't hate this Film, unlike many other people on the Internet.  I didn't even get to watch the Film in the same Theater as Mr. Argento either (damn you, Maynard!).  This one sure was odd, with Drac turning into an Owl, some insects and a man-sized bug as well!  It isn't wholly original, but it is the kind of crazy that I like!

3. Superman III: At last, this piece of shit gets covered!  Look- I love Superman.  I love Christopher Reeve.  I...just hate this piece of shit.  This was a major misfire in every way.  It is too silly.  It is too long.  It is too damn goofy!  While the re-Edit/re-Cut of Superman II was wrong, this one was truly the turning point (for the worst).  As a bonus, I have the paperback Novelization too.  Isn't that right, Bob?

4. Cuticle Detective Inaba: Courtesy of Bob, I watched 4 Episodes of this crazy show.  A half-man/half-dog Detective pursues an evil Goat who eats money and poops it out with his face on it.  What's not to love?  Thanks, Japan!

5. Nosferatu vs Father Pipecock and Sister Funk: I'm sure that there is an audience for this thing.  It probably isn't big, but it is there.  Thanks to Maynard directing this my way, I saw this crap.  It is part-redub of Nosferatu and part 'Comedy.'  It is bad.  It is so bad.

6. Power Pack (TV Pilot): For one Round of Project Terrible, I gave out some obscure Superhero crap like Dr. Strange and Generation X.  I saved the best for myself: the 23-minute Pilot for this Comic that many have forgotten about.  Basically, kids with powers use them to do things like clean their rooms, retrieve their retainer and return an amulet.  How did this not sell?

7. Godzilla vs Hercules: Not everything has to be a Film Review, you know.  As part of the build-up to the new Godzilla, I blitzed the Internet with random, weird moments from his 2-year run in Marvel Comics.  In this one, we see Hercules flip Godzilla on his ass!  Worth it.

8. Thundarr the Barbarian vs...King Kong?:  I love Thundarr the Barbarian.  It is weird and it is amazing.  In my favorite WTF Episode. some Man-Apes resurrect their God: the King Kong robot made by Dino De Laurentiis!  Just a few years after his famous bait-and-switch, it returned in this Show.  If you don't know the Story, here's the short version: he built a full-scale Kong...and pretty much never used it.  Glorious Hollywood excess.

9. Embodiment of Evil: After a thirty-plus year gap between Films and a six year gap after the Film was released in Brazil, the Review came about.  Coffin Joe returns for one last age 72.  Odd.  The Director/Star made one last weird effort to close up his Story.  It was mostly worth it for me.

10. KISS Meets The Phantom of the Park: This has to be on the list, no matter what.  The Film was put in my Saved Queue (for future releases or Films with no clear release planned) since I joined Netflix in 2005.  Thanks to the Internet, I finally watched it.  Worth it.  Worth.  Every.  Second.  KISS fights Robot Monsters and Kung-Fu men with their super-powers.  Solid gold shit.

BONUS: Howard the Duck gets disguised: This bit of Poster Art comes from Europe and shows the cover-up done to try and recoup some profits on the infamous flop.  The balls on these people!

So that's just a sample of the weird and crazy shit that got featured in 2014 over on Mondo Bizarro.  2015 should bring us some equally-crazy, if not more crazy shit.  Time will tell.

I hope you keep reading to see what unfolds.

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