Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Foreign Flix: Nymph (2014)

A Film that isn't exactly what it promises, but still turns out to be pretty good.  Today's Film is Nymph, a 2014 Film from a Serbian Director on the rise.  At least, that's what I'm told.  The Director made one Film before this- Zone of the Dead- and I haven't seen it.  This is one of many Films that was given to me on Christmas by my Brother, so he probably knows more about this than I do.  Here's what I know: a group of people go on Vacation and explore a place that nobody in their right mind would.  While there, they are attacked by a man.  However, there is a different threat there as well- one they never expected.  I won't give away too much here, so you'll just have to live with that.  One look at the Tags for the Review will certain give you a hint, at least.  To find out if this is a glimpse of a bright future or a dull one, read on...
In the usual fashion, two people show up somewhere and get killed- one by a man with a grappling hook (that's new!) and one by an unseen person underwater.
The Story proper begins with a quintet going on Vacation out in some Islands.  People on Vacation in a Horror Film- unique!
A mysterious man- Franco Nero!- warns them of the danger on an abandoned Prison nearby, so they are naturally curious.  Yeah, this will end well!
Shockingly, they decide to go to the Prison (I know, right!) and wander around.  They are not alone.
The man from earlier shows up and attacks the group with the hook.  They get separated and scared.
One of the men acts strangely and forces a metal door open.  He seems drawn there and will not be shooed away from this place!
As the group gets whittled down a bit, they find out some dark secrets about the Prison and finds that Nero's Story was not Fiction!  It will be hell to escape from this place just with the man chasing them...
...but there's also someone in the room from earlier.  Who are they?  Why are they in a well?
Well, I won't SPOIL too much.  After all, what is the point in seeing a Film so recent if I do that?  Sorry.  The End.
I'm a big tease, aren't I?  Honestly, I found myself liking the Film better as it went on and was kind of sold by the End.  As such, I don't want to SPOIL it all for you now.  Can you blame me?  First- the Good.  While not amazing, the Acting has a nice, realistic feel to it.  You feel for these people in this situation, cliche as it may be.  It is always neat to see Franco Nero- at least for me.  The Gore Effects are somewhat sparse, but effective.  The Make-Up/CG you see later is also quite good.  I can't show you more...or rather, I wont, but you can just trust me.  The Bad is mostly how cliche the Film feels at first.  It is not dull, but it feels a bit formulaic.  As it goes into the 2nd Act, you think you know all that is coming.  The silent killer is menacing and all, but has obviously been done before.  Thankfully, the Film's late Second Act and Third Act really redeem the thing.  The creature in the well makes its presence known and truly takes over the Film by the End.  If you stick with the Film, it is definitely worth it.  It leaves you wanting and expecting more, so I'm curious to see if there is follow-through.  In summary, a Film that starts out basic, but becomes better by the End.  To be fair, the Film already seems to think that it is great...
Next up, another present that comes from the 1970s.  For all of you who laughed at Reefer Madness, see what can happen to you in the future!  Stay tuned...

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