Friday, January 23, 2015

Top Ten Gripes About...Devil's Due (2014)

I was going to do a more formal Review for this one, but all 4 of you that read my Facebook Posts will know how much it aggravated me.  So, instead, let me do something I haven't done since I saw Night of the Living Dead 3-D: Re-Animation.  This should hopefully make me feel better...
1. The Footage Mix: The Film is allegedly a Found Footage one, but includes their Footage, CCTV Footage from a Grocery Store, Security Cam Footage from a Parking Lot, someone else's Camera Footage, Police Interrogation Room Footage and Footage from the Sister.

2. Is This Found Footage?: Aside from the cheats above, the Film plays out like these normally do.  However, there is no Intro to explain what happened with the Footage, nor does the narrative make sense if someone Found it.  Everything is on tape!
3. It Took You This Long?: A key piece of Footage is on the original Camera (with Edits around it), but our hero doesn't see it until...his wife is 8 months pregnant.  It took you that long to watch your own Vacation Footage?!?  You didn't show it to anyone before that?!?   Speaking of which...

4. Blatant Cheating: In the aforementioned Scene, the Hero watches the freaky footage.  He calls as friend to come over and see it.  While he's away answering the door, the Footage (and the Hard Drive vanishes).  The problem:

There is a Camera pointed at the Computer (from the back) the whole time, but we never see that Footage!  You can't establish a Camera, act like it isn't there and then remember 20 seconds later!  How is that fair?!?

5. The Deer Scene: Some folks find a dead Deer in a Park.  A moment later, they find another one- this time with the pregnant wife digging into it.  When the people talk to her, she start to throw them around like Jean Grey!
6. Who's Footage?:  Speaking of that ridiculous bit, all of them (but the wife- obviously) are killed and the camera ends up in their Car.  Who Found this Footage?  Who Edited it together with the Film?  Who, dammit?!?

7. Still Confusion: Since I didn't watch this on regular DVD, I couldn't take Caps.  I found this one of the Trailer moment where the baby stretches the sleeping mom-to-be's stomach.  How does she sleep through this?

The bigger issue: the Scene takes place in reverse in the Footage, so this shot is from the Trailer?  Why is the Scene reversed from the Trailer to Film?
8. Cult Flick?: A bunch of this Film features footage apparently shot by the Cult behind...whatever this is about.  So did they release this?

9. Girl Cam: It didn't really work in The Last Exorcism, but is even worse here.  So one bit involves a kid at a Party taking the Camera and running afoul of the pregnant lady.  So did she tell anyone?  Is this all the same Hard Drive?
10. Most Cliche Sequel Bait Ever?: I won't SPOIL how the Ending plays out- although the movie begins with the guy being interrogated about the death of his wife, know- but I will comment on the final part of the Ending.

In Ending Cliche #4, we get a couple in Paris on their Honeymoon being picked up by the Taxi Driver who picked up our Leads in Mexico.  It happens again!  On the plus side, at least it wasn't our Leads picking the couple up.

I feel a little better now.
 I could go on, but I think that I've made my point.  This movie sucks.  It is a Found Footage Film in which the Footage doesn't ever appear to be found.  This Film cheats- that's the bottom line.  The only way that this could be any less 'Found Footage' would be if it was a Book...
Just a coincidence, but thanks anyways, Google.  Having seen many of these Films, this is one of the most annoying.  For all that is Holy, please avoid!

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