Monday, January 19, 2015

MLK Jr Day: A Look at 'Black' Superheroes

Instead of a Holiday Film Review, let's do something different.

Do you know White Spider-man?  How about White Batman?  No?

While the people's skin color was not part of their name, that was not the same with the successor to Hank Pym/Clint Barton...
...or this famous, urban super-hero...
...or even Aquaman's most-famous arch-nemesis...
...or this famous Marvel Character (who may or may not be in the next Avengers Film).
These Characters are all products of the 1960s and 70s.  Characters made since tended to not include their race- like Static Shock or the newest Ultimate Spider-Man-, so they are a product of their time.

Let's try to this spin this as a positive though.

What happened to Black Goliath?
Awk-ward. about Black Lightning?
Not exactly what I had in mind. mind then.

On the plus side, the new Cap isn't Black Captain America!
Happy MLK Jr Day!  Keep Dreaming.

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