Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ghost Crap?: The Ouija Experiment

It is not as infamous as the 2014 Film, but is it as bad?  Full disclosure: I haven't seen Ouija.  Do you think I would pay to see that shit in Theaters?  Let's be honest though: do I need to?  It is a Ouija Board-based Film in 2014.  Speaking of which, I just watched a Ouija Board-based Film in 2015...although it came out in 2011.  Netflix recently added it to Streaming, showing that they are as devious about getting notice as I am.  Yeah, I'm doing this for very overt reasons.  So this is The Ouija Experiment- what's it all about?  Read the title- duh.  Alright, alright.  A bunch of people decide to experiment to see if a Ouija Board works and document it for YouTube.  Things go awry during the first attempt, leading to some unwelcome company for our heroes.  Will they survive?  As dumb as this is, I won't SPOIL it completely, so just relax.  This is on Netflix to make you think of the other Film, so let's see if the comparison works out in their favor...
Five folks- including one couple and two siblings- get together to film an experiment about whether or not a Ouija Board works.
Unfortunately for them, some personal strife surfaces and messes up the attempt.

Aside from just messing up the attempt, it also made them not follow one of the key rules.  Uh oh.
Found Footage Trope #37- Expert on the matter consulted once as an exposition dump, but never helpful.  Just like in Sinister, this one appears only via Skype.

On the plus side, this lady is definitely cuter than Vincent D'onofrio.
On the second attempt, a similar thing happens and one of them takes the board away.  Should they be scared?
You may or may not be depending on how scary 3 minutes of creaky sounds and a sudden Ghost pop-up are to you.  I wasn't, but I'm clearly not the demographic by now.
I won't SPOIL the 3rd Act too much.  I will say that they play with the 'Footage Checking' Trope in a kind of dumb, but unique way.  There's also an odd break from the whole formula...but that's all I'll say.

To find out how this all ends, watch the Movie.  It's on Streaming, so click away.  The End.
After Devil's Due, this looks competent, at least.  Someone recently asked me why I continue to willingly watch these Found Footage Films when I'm clearly not a big fan.  The answer- I want them to be good.  The basis of this whole Genre is Cannibal Holocaust (though they deny it) and I really like that Film.  Every once in a while, a good one- Trollhunter- comes out and I think 'This could work, if they actually try.'  Did they?  Well, it is never as bad as some of the worst FF Films out there, but it does so little new.  Even the stuff that it kind of gets right- like the Ghost appearances- feel mostly hollow, due to a lack of filter or effect.  Mind you, seeing a small child suddenly appear is weird, but seeing one that is transparent or glowing can be scary.  They get a little of that at the End parts, although their method is nothing new.  I should note two things.  First, this was Written and Directed by Israel Luna, who's only previous work I've covered is Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives.  Second- there is a Sequel set for release this Year.  Ultimately, this feels like a competent first attempt at doing this kind of Film and it could get better.  It could also just suck, but my standards are so low after just watching Devil's Due.  Decide amongst yourselves.  Oh and to save Maynard the trouble, this was apparently released in Europe as a different title (I can only guess why)...
Next up, I revisit a 20+ year-old Film to prepare for a new one.  To answer the Title question- Robert Z'Dar would be responsible for Genocide.  Stay tuned...

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