Friday, August 31, 2012

Reflections: Mirror Mirror IV- Reflections

Did anybody request this?  Today's film is Mirror Mirror IV, a sequel that doesn't add anything.  This probably won't come as a shock to you, but this movie doesn't really relate to the other films.  There's one aspect that might lead you to think that it does, but it's a lie.  It's hard to explain here, so I'll just show you later.  The plot is slow, tedious and confusing.  Sorry, that belongs in the last paragraph.  The plot involves a woman who's boyfriend is killed by a monster, so she goes to a party at the same place he was killed just one year later.  That...makes no sense.  On the plus side, Billy Drago is here and he always makes films...sorry, I can't say this any more.  To see why this movie fails, read on...
Our hero leads his girlfriend into a factory building because...there's a tux and dress in there.  Meanwhile...
This Maid uncovers the mirror- which is covered in a shit ton of crosses- and makes a wish to it.  It apparently thought that her wish was to be melted, so it does just that.  Nice mirror.
It apparently unleashes a P.O.V. Monster- reveal to come later- that kills the boyfriend...but not her.  A year later, she is still not over it.

No time card, by the way.  Good job, movie.
In the middle of scenes, she just randomly flashes back to scenes that we were never shown before.  You can tell they're not happening in the present, since they're in black-and-white.  Subtle.
The costume party- since the murder took place on Halloween, apparently- goes awry when a storm comes and most people split.  Everyone but a small group leaves, since we can't afford a bunch of Extras.

This also serves to grind the plot to a screeching halt, splitting up the movie into a bunch of random scenes.  Ugh.
Here's the film 'connective thread': Billy Drago.  He's back, showing up as a Homeless Man.  Yeah, he's clearly not just the spirit of the mirror (replacing Mark Ruffalo...I guess).

So, is he the guy from Mirror Mirror 3?  No.  Ugh.
As it turns out, the creature from the opening scene was...a generic zombie.  Yeah, that's disappointing.

Even more disappointing is a later scene in which this creature kills someone...via them playing the scene around him falling all over the place.  Fail!
Forgetting the point of the first movie, our heroine makes a wish in the mirror.  How does that go?
 Apparently, the wish puts her back in the opening scene...and dies.  So was she dead the whole time?  Oh and the boyfriend isn't dying this time.

What.  The.  Hell?!?!?  The End.
That's a movie.  Honestly, that's about all I can say.  Hell, I could barely muster any interest in the thing.  I recall watching a scene at one point and going 'how much is left in this movie?'  When I saw that there was AN HOUR left, my spirit died a little.  Thankfully, I had a book to read.  So what else can I say here?  Trapping the people in a building with the evil Mirror is a good idea.  The movie still sucks though.  Even the idea of them being trapped is undermined by the Third Act when another character just drives over.  So much for the threat of the never-seen Hurricane, I guess!  What a waste.  Billy Drago is here NOT appearing in sex scenes, but his character doesn't do anything until the 'Here's Where We Explain Everything' Scene at the End.  What's with that ending exactly?  When the most cogent ending is in the Third film, something wrong is going on!  What else can I say?  Mirror Mirror on the wall, give me a decent movie maybe?  Is that too much to ask for?
Next up, the final film in the 'series.'  It's actually a Disney that should be different.  Stay tuned...

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