Saturday, August 4, 2012

Flap Off!: The Butterfly Effect 3- Revelations

Let's just get this over with, shall we?  For a recent After Dark Horrorfest, they made a third Butterfly Effect movie.  Well, to be more accurate, the same Studio probably made it and *then* sold it to the Horrorfest.  Why show Indy Horror when you can just buy shit from Studios?  So what's the plot this time?  Well, a guy uses his Butterfly Effect powers to help solve crimes and...wait, how is he related to Kutcher or the guy in the second film?  He's not?  Alright then.  This film is a murder mystery as it seems that everyone who gets near our hero dies or disappears.  When all hope seems to be lost, can he solve the mystery and save himself & his reputation?  To find out, read on...
A man randomly kills a woman as she goes to her car, all while her son watches.  Meanwhile, a man watches this crime take place and take notes.
As it turns out, he's our hero.  He uses his time-travel (sort of) powers to witness crimes as they happen and help the Police solve them.  Oh and the way he accesses the power works differently this time...again.  Why do I even bother?!?
Further straining logic, we learn that our hero has a mentor in the field of mental time-travel.  It's as commonplace as Yoga, apparently!  This guy serves to give basic exposition and later to become a Red Herring.
Our hero is haunted by the death of his girlfriend back in College.  After years of doing nothing, he finally decides to try and solve the person.  Unfortunately, this leads to the death of the girlfriend (again) and her sister.

As a side-effect, our hero is slightly less-wealthy.  Don't ask me how that works.
That begins a series of events in which our hero tries to figure out who did the crime, someone else is killed and he wakes up again, only to find that he's more poor (he goes from a home-owner to one with a tenant to the tenant himself!) & less respected.  Sorry, Waitress Who Shows Her Tits (and probably has a name)!
With all evidence (kind of) pointing towards him, our hero gets one chance to save the day after he reveals a secret about the Police Chief that he learned using his powers.  Naturally, he held onto this secret for just such an occasion.
To not find out the Ending of this movie, avoid these ***SPOILERS*** below...

As it turns out, the killer is DUN DUN DUN his Sister.  You see, our hero did use his powers to change history once: to save his sister, at the cost of his parents dying.  When she found out, she fell in love with him (not kidding) and killed the girlfriend to get rid of a romantic rival.
Desperate and confused, our hero makes one last jump and does the only thing he can think of: he makes sure that his sister dies in the holding the door shut, trapping her inside.  Ouch.
This altering of the timeline apparently has no negative repercussions- kind of negating the whole premise of the film-, save for his daughter possibly being evil...just like in the last movie.  Those kids should date.  The End. 
I wish someone would go back in time and stop me from considering my review of these films!  Yes, I re-used that joke (sort of), but if they can re-use the plot (sort of), then I can do this.  What is there to say here?  In place of the bleak moments in the first film and the minor inconveniences of the second film, we have violent, violent murder.  I didn't really mention it earlier, but all of the kills are very graphic and done with some sort of motorized saw.  Given the reveal of the killer (see the SPOILERS for that), this seems weird.  This is just an attempt to up the body count and put in buckets of blood to appease the After Dark Horrorfest fans.  Is even half of the gore necessary?  No.  Is the randomly-inserted sex scene- which only exists to set up a bloody death later- necessary either?  Given that one is pointless, I'd say 'no' to that.  Is this a good movie?  No.  I wish that this could have redeemed the series, but I certainly did not expect it to.  This is just a stupid, sleazy horror film with an even darker- but less 'emo'- message than the previous two.  Thanks for these at least...
Next up, a film that's so crazy and twisted that you have to see it.  To entice you, let's have another Review in Pictutes.  Stay tuned...

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