Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Poor Bastards of Cinema: A Return to Salem's Lot

A Return to Salem's Lot is a sequel to Salem's Lot in that, well, Vampires are in it.  It does give us today's Poor Bastards of Cinema though...

For no good reason, a Greyhound Bus is re-routed to (Jeru)Salem's Lot by the Police.
The Mayor forces them to exit (for their 'safety') and walk out into the center of town.  They know that our hero, his son and the Nazi Hunter (see the review for any context there) are watching... they decide to just straight up kill the people there.
I should note that these people have jack shit to do with the plot, but they still die to prove a point to Michael Moriarty.
To reiterate: there was no point to the death of these people.  They don't even have names.  They're just here to up the body count and, well, that's it.  Poor Bastards.

Next up, some hunters go out in the Woods.  With a horror film, you just know what's coming next!  Stay tuned...

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