Saturday, August 4, 2012

Flap Off: The Butterfly Effect 2

Are you ready for a second dose of depression?  Today's film is The Butterfly Effect 2, the DTV sequel to the depressing Kutcher film.  What's changed?  The budget is smaller, the cast is different and the slightly less wrist-cuttingly bleak.  It's still a movie that tells you that life holds no hope, so I still don't recommend it.  The plot involves a car accident, a reluctant time-traveler and a series of events that don't always work out in his favor.  Look for mild doses of depression, a super-quick reference that somehow makes this a sequel and 'Lois Lane' in a film where she's not topless.  Hurray for her and boo for me, I suppose.  To find out if the movie sucks less than the last one, read on...
Our hero, his girlfriend and their two friends are pulled away from a Weekend away...only to get hit by a truck.  The girlfriend- Erica Durance- is killed, upsetting our hero.
While moping around, he looks at a picture of the group taken before they left and...finds that he can time-travel to that event.  Changing the rules- joy.
Well, nothing can go wrong...right?  Yeah, obviously stuff goes wrong.  It's not traumatic stuff like limb loss or death though.  Kind of feels like you could just work on things here, rather than frying your brain by time-jumping.
Another time-jump has our hero being very successful in business- after being poor and losing his job- before.  Unfortunately, his lady friend is not on board for the ride.  It can't get any worse, could it?
Oh shit- it does.  For all of the company's bluster, they're broke.  It's a theme!  They owe money to this Sam Rockwell-looking guy who kills our hero's friend, shoots Durance- by accident, but still- and leaves him in the hands of his gay brother.  Yeah, they go there!
Okay, let's try ONE last time to fix this, shall we?  Make sure that you learn nothing too- just to be safe.
After screwing things up again- trying to break up with his pregnant girlfriend-, she drives off.  He goes to save her & takes the step he feels is best- driving his (read: a stolen) car off of a cliff, killing himself.
After a time jump, we get a fake-out implying that he's actually alive.  No, it's just his baby.  Sequel-bait?  The End.
History repeats itself...if you never learn your damn lessons!  Was this a good movie?  No.  Was that not obvious?  Well, I didn't like how bleak and dark the original film was, this movie goes too far in the other direction.  There's a middle ground between dog murder and a couple breaking up, right?!?  The movie is really underwhelming for all of the reasons that The Butterfly Effect is so abrasive.  Aside from that, it's not that well shot, Acted or Edited.  There's no really bad part to point too- aside from the villain near the end- in this department, but it just feels cheap.  There was just not a lot of effort put into this movie, from the lackadaisical plotting, cheap production and underwhelming final result.  Take us away, background boobs...
Next up, the final Butterfly Effect film in the 'series' (so far).  This one changes the rules again and gives us even worse moral lessons!  Stay tuned...

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