Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Alien Week: Alien Visitor

I'm not going to beat around the Bushman here.  This movie was really not that interesting.  That's not to say that anything I watched was bad.  It just did absolutely nothing to draw me in.  The movie in question is Alien Visitor, the only Streaming film this week.  It's a good thing, since I hate to waste discs on boring-ass movies.  I mean, it happens a lot, but I still hate doing it.  The film is, well, I'll get into what it is later.  What you need to know here is that it's from Australia.  If you've read the site, you know that I have a love/hate relationship with that Country/Continent.  Their films are really weird and I don't always know why.  This is a good example of this, but not in a fun way.  To see me break it down in a simple way, read on...
The movie is a tale told by a Grandmother to her Grandchildren.  However, she can't just tell HER story.  No, she's telling a story told to her by someone else.  That is unnecessarily complicated, movie!
An alien shows up and apparently time moves around her...or something.  Don't ask me to explain this shit.  If you want someone to make sense of this arty crap, ask Bob.
 This is pretty much where I gave up on the film.  You see, she runs across this guy and keeps talking about trying to get home.

Yeah, this is Starman, but with some super-preachy environmental message to come.  Pass.  The End.
Wake me up when I care.  Let me get this out of the way: I don't think that this movie is terrible.  That should appease the five people that actually have seen it.  My issue is that the movie just drags.  If there is a point, you could at least set it up early on.  You don't have to give it away fully, but at least throw me a bone!  Just chalk this up to my disinterest in Art Films.  To be fair, I kind of thought that this was going to be this way.  I thought that a break from 'Alien runs around killing people' would be nice.  Other than a nap, I was wrong.  On the plus side, this 'Starman' has bigger boobs than Jeff Bridges (even now)...
Next up, Maria Ford is always good for a cheap laugh.  To see a premise you've already seen this week, check it out.  Stay tuned...

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