Friday, August 24, 2012

Because I Watched It: Bizarre PSA + Popeye

A random search on YouTube (what other kind is there) found me a 1950's PSA teaching boys to avoid 'the gays.'  A bit later, I found the full-version...which is amazing for so many reasons.
The moral: 1950's boys were freaking idiots!  Seriously, why would you do any of what they do here- gay people or no gay people.

Oh yeah, that and lesbians commit no crimes.  Thanks, 1950's!

As a bonus, here's this freaky Popeye cartoon.  Honestly, the war-time Racism is probably one of the LEAST weird parts of it.
Remember the good old days when Satan could just appear in children's cartoons?  It's a shame, really.

Got any other freaky YouTube gems to share?  If so, leave a Comment and I'll check them out.

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