Saturday, August 4, 2012

Forgotten Toons: Stargate- Infinity

I almost Forgot that this segment exists.

Stargate- it was a movie.  That movie did well and they made a live-action show.  They made a second one.  They made a third one, but quickly cancelled it- close call.  Shortly after the first show, they made an animated show.  How can this go wrong?
This is how.  Yes, the company behind such shows as Captain N: The Game Master, Sonic the Hedgehog and Street Sharks is behind the Stargate animated show.  I hope it translates to the animated screen as well as Swamp Thing did.
The show involves a bunch of aliens that weren't on the show (that I'm aware of) and a bunch of characters that look nothing like the ones on the show.
Well, there is a, yeah. 
Since the show has jack shit to do with the film or live-action show, what does it have?  Well, it has a giant squirrel...
...some wannabe-Ewoks...
...this Dragon Lady (who is apparently super-important and...something)...
...and the garbage version of Kimbo Slice.  So yeah, that the first three Episodes.

The rest of it is a slightly-reworked version of Quantum Leap, just with Stargate traversal.  Joy.
If you like Stargate SG-1, this is not going to do anything for you.  Even the Extreme Ghostbusters show had Slimer as a major character, in spite of the character changes.  This one is just about the laziest way to adapt the source material you could think of.  I just hope that the cast of Farscape got to be on this show too!

Did you miss Forgotten Toons?  Have some suggestions for ones for me to do?  If so, leave a comment, won't you?


  1. Oh man, I remember this show...except I don't have ANY fond memories of it.

    There are three things I remember about it. One: the episode that was pretty much an allusion to steroid abuse (thanks to some space rocks). Two: the episode that was pretty much an allusion to video game addiction (thanks to some VR dealies). Three: the theme song. Which actually wasn't that good IMO, but it did its job.

    Anyway: "Did you miss Forgotten Toons? Have some suggestions for ones for me to do? If so, leave a comment, won't you?"

    Three words: Archie's Weird Mysteries.

  2. First off, thanks for the feedback.

    Second, I didn't comment on the theme-song, but I thought that it was pretty bad. It's rhythm was odd and the lyrics were 'meh.' It's still miles above 'The Garbage Pail Kids' one though!

    I've never been an Archie kind of guy, but I'll certainly look into seeing the show via Netflix/YouTube. A quick Wikipedia glance was...well, interesting. I can see why you'd suggest it.