Thursday, January 5, 2012

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Fear of Clowns (Part 2)

Another Poor Bastard shows up in Fear of Clowns.  This lady at least has some relation to the plot, although her role here is about as minimal as a flea's flea.

This is our heroine's friend.  She shows up in the second scene consoling her about her upcoming divorce.  That's pretty much it for about an hour though...
During the film's climax, our heroine and protagonist go out on a private date at a movie theater.  If you read last week's induction, you already know how it went down for the workers there.

During the date, however, our heroine explains off-hand that her friend was watching her kid.  In fact, she uses this phrasing...
...which is just a set-up for them displaying her corpse.  Yes, just like the Gallery Owner, she dies off-camera.  His death wasn't a zinger, at least!
So they just introduced this character in one scene to have her be killed later?  That's gotta suck, right?  Never mind that she has no real relation to the divorce sub-plot, which is the whole motivation for the crazy clown!

I should also mention that there's a random cop who's killed by the Clown.  I'd include him, but he is already in a job with danger involved and was guarding the woman at the time.

Up next, some kids kick some sand.  That means those little bastards have to die!  Stay tuned...

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