Thursday, January 26, 2012

Paranormal Activity 3 vs. The Last Exorcism: Rip-Off?

After watching Paranormal Activity 3 last night (it was alright), I was struck by a similarity to another 'found footage' film: The Last Exorcism.  You know, that movie that would never be made if Paranormal Activity was not a hit.

Warning: this mentions key Plot Points of both movies, including a reference or two to the Ending.  SPOILERS ahoy!

Possessed little girls making the 'scare you YouTube video' face- check.
A finale involving our heroes and a bonfire in the yard- another check!  They don't quite get the scale right though...
I'll avoid going into more detail, but there is even more going on in the two movies' plots that have parallels.  Oh and the Ending of PE3 has no set-up via the first two movies.  I guess Paranormal Activity 4 will address the plot holes!  Awkward smile...

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  1. Agree with you but for whatever reason, I enjoyed PA3 more.

    btw, Round 5 Sidebar -> Robert picked Ferocious Planet for me.