Friday, March 22, 2013

Mondo Trivia: Waxwork II

There's so much to talk about with Waxwork II, so let's throw out some extra Trivia.

* The Actor that plays the Teacher in Waxwork also plays the Judge in Waxwork II.  Given that this Trial took place (at most) months later, is this possible?
* In addition, the guy that played the Butler in Waxwork appears briefly as a Peasant.  In his defense though, he's in a different Dimension (or something)!

Ironically enough, the Phibes films did this too.  Another weird comparison that I just now thought of!
You know that old expression 'Who did they sleep with to get the part?'

Well, this guy didn't have to do any such thing...because he's the Director!  Unlike Frank Henenlotter in Brain Damage, this one is confirmed, as he 's in the Credits.
* A double-dose here.  One- the Credits play over a rap song written for the film.  Weird, right?

Second, the film features Stunt Work by Kane Hodder (who plays Frankenstein's Monster in Waxwork as well).  Bonus!
* Lastly, Drew Barrymore appears here as Vampire Victim #1 in the Nosferatu bit from the Climax.  Why?  I'm not sure.

On the plus side, I actually spotted her this time.  I've seen the film twice since I bought it, but only found her on the third viewing.  Don't blink!
Is there some Trivia that I missed?  If so, leave a comment and learn me something.

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