Sunday, March 24, 2013

Because I Watched It: '80s Cartoon Intros (For Girls)

I'm a people-pleaser, so let me give back to the fairer sex a bit here.

First up, the female analog to one of the heroes of my youth: He-Man.  Best Christmas Special EVER.
Say what you will, but...well, I never watched this show.  If you like it, awesome.

Up next, a show that continues to air in syndication, albeit on obscure cable channels.  Sing us in, ladies...
For randomly stopping its own stories to sing, it proves to be the early prototype for Glee.  Yea?

Up next, well, leave any stitch of your manhood behind.  It's Pony time!
I will say NOTHING about this show, lest a certain part of the Internet attack me.  I'm scared.

Finally, let's make sure that nobody in my demographic is still reading this.  It's Rainbow Brite!
You lost me at...well, the beginning.

For you ladies out there, let me know if your favorite didn't make the cut.  For you guys out there, I'll have to up the ante for you next time.

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