Friday, February 15, 2013

My Crazy Youth: The 'Dinosaurs' Anti-Weed Episode

Yes, this is a thing.  I just want to state that from the get-go.

For those not in the know, Dinosaurs was a show in the early '90s that dazzled us all by featuring people in Dinosaurs suits acting out a sitcom.  The effects hold up some twenty-years later, so try to imagine how we felt in 1991.  So, onto the story...

After a fight with the dad, our teenage protagonist goes out with his friend to vent.  They come across a plant and decide to eat it (since the mammals are too fast).  The result: they get high.
The now-stoned son goes back home and spread the plant around.  The once-gruff Dad is now dancing with the son.  It's...weird.
It spreads further, going to the daughter and all of his co-workers.
However, the kids stop going to school and the dad gets fired.  Obviously, the Mom is unhappy, especially when they run out of money.

The trio go searching for more Plant (get it?) when they run out and find the friend from earlier, who has just laid in the dirt for the last week.  They decide to change...
Which is when the Episode takes a Meta turn and the son begins to explain the danger of Anti-Drug Sitcom Episodes.  Yeah, this happens.
Kudos for playing with the concept, Dinosaurs.  This was...something very strange.  I like how they even commented on how 'It's only Season 2 and I'm already talking to the camera.'

Is it any wonder that I've never smoked Pot.  I don't want to let Robbie down!

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