Thursday, February 21, 2013

Because I Watched It: More Obscure '80s Cartoon Intros

I can't attest to remembering a single one of these shows.  I must have been born too early or just watched the wrong channels.  Regardless...

Drack Pack is like The Monster Squad if it were homogenized, the characters became good guys and were in a crappy-looking cartoon.
If you love video games, then you'll probably have a mixed opinion of the next three selections.  First up, Frogger was a show...apparently.  That's news to me.
The next show segues nicely, since it was part of a two-show block with the other one.  Before Mario got his own show- with a kicking Rap theme song-, he was the villain in Donkey Kong.  Who knew?
Lastly, a 'video game' most famous for its great animation- courtesy of Don Bluth- gets a generic, animated show with...less than stellar animation.  Oh the irony.  Here's Dragon's Lair...
It's ridiculous how big the market for these adaptations was.  For example- Pole Position had a show!

Imagine if the market for Animated Series' based on Video Games were the same now as they were today.  Would we get Witcher: A Children's Tale?  Gears of War: The Early Years?  Mass Effect: Droid?

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