Sunday, February 10, 2013

Basket Crass: Brain Damage

It's all in your head!  Today's film is Brain Damage, another film by Frank Henenlotter.  I'm just one major film- Bad Biology- away from completing my Frank Henenlotter Bucket List- hurray!  The film is, shockingly, very odd.  It's the tale of a love affair between a man, a woman and the brain-eating parasite attached to his neck.  I know- same old, same old.  It's a weird, wacky film that's chock full of bizarre imagery.  In other words, it's a Frank Henenlotter film.  I do recommend the film, but it holds the same caveat as with Frankenhooker.  To find out more about this movie that you may not have heard of, read on...
Within the first few minutes, we learn that this odd couple- not the famous one- are keeping something in their bathroom and it has a bizarre appetite.
After it runs off (sort of), the people take it pretty well...or not.
The creature ends up on our hero's neck and gives him amazing visions thanks to a freaky pincer on it that injects fluid into his brain.  Yummy.
Dude, I think the movie just kicked in.  Turn up the Led Zeppelin and let's take it all in!
This creature uses him to help it eat more brains and keep itself satisfied.  In spite of that, how can you stay mad at this face?
About halfway through the film, the husband from earlier confronts our hero and delivers a truck-load of exposition.  The short version: the creature is called 'Elmer' and has been around for hundreds of years.
As he gets further and further under the creature's power, he has to make a decision about his girlfriend.  I won't SPOIL what happens, but the history of Henenlotter films should give you a hint.
As for 'Elmer,' he runs afoul of trouble himself as the couple returns yet again, going through a pretty bad withdrawal.  I won't SPOIL the ending all that much...mostly because I can't.  I mean...well, this happens... yeah.  I can't even begin to explain this.  The End.
I...I'm not sure what to say.  Brain Damage is a fun film in a lot of regards.  The Acting is good overall, the Production Values are nice and most of the effects hold up pretty well.  Some of the digital effects are quite dated, but they're not the biggest part of the film.  The good and bad thing here is the tone.  It ranges from dark to light quite often, which might be jarring to some.  The whole thing never seems to be quite sure what it wants to be- which may be intentional (if that makes any sense).  For example, one scene has 'Elmer' taunting our hero as he goes through withdrawal and refuses to help the creature feed.  While it does that, it sings 'a jaunty tune.'  I liked the scene, but I could see it confusing many people.  I do recommend the film, but only to those willing to watch something crazy.  Isn't that right, guy from Basket Case in an obvious wig to match the first film?
Up next, an Asylum film that has it all.  By that, I mean shitty effects, D-Grade Stars and plot holes you could drive the Endeavor through.  Stay tuned...

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