Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Brief Rant on the Use of Blu-Ray 3-D (And Commercialism in general)

* sets down Soap Box and stands on it*

What is going on with Blu-Ray 3-D these days?  With the rise of 3-D in everything, I get a certain extent.  Even the cheap, cash-in conversions like Titanic (did that not make enough money before?) and Jurassic Park made a little sense.  Now, however, some crap has been happening.  It started with this...
Where do I begin?

This is the 2008 Day of the Dead Remake.
This movie was not made in 3-D (as far as I can tell).
This release suddenly popped up last year with absolutely no set-up.  It just...happened.

Now I find that this has come out...
...and this (which at least got a minor theatrical re-release)...
...and even this.  No, really.
Just wow.  This is really just an attempt to make more money or, in Gamer's case, for the studio to get a proper return.

Do you like being treated like sheep who will buy anything that is put out by a Studio?  I sure don't.  Think about that as Disney re-releases every movie they've ever made in 3-D and tries to get you to buy a fifth copy to please your kids.

*steps down from Soap Box*

On second thought though, I suppose that there is one that I'll let slip by...
That is all.

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  1. Wtf? Day of the Dead re-crap in 3D?? Gamer in 3D?? Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK???