Wednesday, January 16, 2013

'90s Trash: Poison Ivy 2

You're just making shit up now.  Today's film is Poison Ivy 2, although it has shit all to do with the original.  Drew Barrymore is not here- not that she should be-, but neither is Sara Gilbert.  If the story implication is that Gilbert's character would go to College and go through this, I'd believe this to be a sequel.  It's not though.  Instead, they use a silly Plot Point that isn't set up at all in the last film to shoe-horn this into a 'sequel.'  While it sounds silly, Another Poison Ivy would be a better title.  This is especially true given the plot of Poison Ivy 3 (more on that later).  This film is notable for being one of the Erotic Thrillers that Alyssa Milano did back when they made her money, but before she decided that she didn't like them after all.  It's a bit like Mickey Rooney complaining about Silent Night, Deadly Night, only to appear in the fifth entry.  If you want to see her before she became of a bit of a hypocrite, read on...
Why not begin the movie with a pointless sex scene?  After all, who cares about the plot, right?
Alyssa Milano plays a young, repressed Art Student.  She goes to an 'anything goes' school that includes a freaky Asian guy, a weird clown and...
Boobs.  It's been like five minutes I've seen those- thanks.  How is this a Poison Ivy film again?
Oh right- Milano gets slipped...Ivy's Diary, complete with poems, drawings and naked pictures of her.  Yeah, those weren't in the last movie- at all.  More on those photos near the end though...
In place of Tom Skerritt, we have Xander Berkeley as an Art Teacher who falls for Not Ivy now that she read Ivy's (sigh) diaries and brings out her inner slut.

If you want to see a great example of bad '90s fashion, watch this movie.
Not Ivy goes through a series of vaguely-erotic sex scenes with both Berkeley and a fellow student (a frosted hair-sporting Jonathan Schaech).  This is basically the plot for 1/3 of the film.
Things reach a dramatic climax when- at a double date dinner- Berkeley's daughter sees him and Not Ivy making out.  She runs out into the road and gets hit by a car.

While I feel for her, that's a pretty contrived fate that she had a pretty key say in.
In spite of this, Berkeley remains obsessed with Not Ivy and tries to go after her one last time.  Thankfully, Schaech comes to the rescue, leading to yet another 'holding someone from a high place' climax.
After all is said and done, Not Ivy ends up with Schaech.  Nice to know that you can lead to a kid's death and there are zero consequences.  The End.
Well, there's more Nudity in this one.  That's something, right?  The plot of this movie is okay, but there's not much to it.  Once the Diary comes out, Milano's character basically dresses like a Goth chick and has sex with people.  It's like they took the idea and then just sort of stopped.  This isn't a plot- it's a plot point.  The Third Act is just Berkeley going crazy and ultimately dying.  This is like part of a movie more than a whole one.  I don't really hate this movie.  In reality, I can't muster up all that much emotion in regards to it.  It's a decent idea that's done less decently and just kind of ends with no closure.  There's really not much to say here.  I would put out that it does use a body double in a sort of ironic way here...
Next up, the second- and first real- sequel to Poison Ivy.  Now with more Nudity and an even sillier plot.  Stay tuned...


  1. I think Not Ivy's name was Lily or something like that and the girl in the 3rd one is Daisy I think. They're all named after plants.

  2. Yeah, I know. It's just funnier (to me, at least) to not use her real name.

    Whether that's true or not is up for debate, I suppose.