Monday, December 31, 2012

Project Terrible: Rounds 1-10

Round 1
1. The Capture of Bigfoot (I Like Horror Movies):
2. Revenge of the Living Dead Girls (Mondo Bizarro):
3. Jaws of Satan (I Like Horror Movies):
4. Revenge of the Star Creatures (Confessions of a Film Phillistine):
5. Beware! Children at Play! (Mondo Bizarro):
6. Zombie Campout (Mondo Bizarro): 
7. Slices (Mondo Bizarro):
8. Bone Sickness (Mondo Bizarro):
9. Live Freaky, Die Freaky (Mondo Bizarro):
12. The Beast With 1,000,000 Eyes (Confessions of a Film Phillistine):
Round 2/2.5
1. Twilight (Mondo Bizarro):
5. Bloodthirst: Legend of the Chupacabras (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary):
6. Bloodthirst 2- Revenge of the Chupacabra (Mondo Bizarro):
8. The Skeleton Key 2: 667 Neighbor of the Beast (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary):
10. Anthrophagus/Abusurd (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary):
12. (David DeCoteau's) House of Usher (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary):
14. The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary):
Round 3
8)Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary):
14)Wrong Turn 3- Left for Dead (The Girl Who Loves Horror) :
Round 4
1. Vampire Boys (Cinema Gonzo) :
7. Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace (Gaming Creatively) :
10.R.O.T.- Reunion of Terror (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary) :
11. Fall Down Dead (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Movie Diary) :
18. The Monster Man (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Movie Diary) :
19. C Me Dance (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Movie Diary)
Round 5
1. Ring Around the Rosie (Mondo Bizarro) :
3. Human Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary) :
6. Exorcism- The Possession of Gail Bowers (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary) :
7. Ferocious Planet (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary)
Round 6
2. Grim Reaper (Let's Get Out of Here) :
4. Frankenstein 2000 (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary)
6. Deep Evil (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary) :
7. Goth (Mondo Bizarro)
8. The Telling (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary) :
Round 7
1. Offspring (Mondo Bizarro:
3. The Vanguard (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary) :
4. Dead Heist (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary) :
5. Windows (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary) :
8. Frogs (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary) :
9. The Bleeding (Cinema Gonzo):
12. Adventures of Thunderstorm- The Return of Thor (Cinema Gonzo) :
22. The Amazing Transparent Man (Let's Get Out of Here)
Round 8
3. Attack of the Beast Creatures (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary):
4. Area 407 (Mondo Bizarro):
5. The Bermuda Triangle (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary)
6. The Dead Undead (Cinema Gonzo):
7. The Legend of Boggy Creek (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary):
8. Not of This Earth (Mondo Bizarro) :
9.The New York Centerfold Massacre (Mondo Bizarro):
10. Snowbeast (Gaming Creatively) :
11. Message From Space (Mondo Bizarro):
12. Fading of the Cries (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary):
13. Haunted Poland (Mondo Bizarro) :
14. Calamity of Snakes (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary)
15. 1313- The Bermuda Triangle (The Girl Who Loves Horror) :
16. Pharaoh's Curse (Gaming Creatively):
17. D.C. Sniper (Gaming Creatively):
18. Nightmare in Wax (Cinema Gonzo) :
19. Birdemic- Shock and Terror (The Girl Who Loves Horror) :
20. Oasis of the Zombies (Gaming Creatively) :

Round 9
1. The Manster (The Girl Who Loves Horror):

2. Die (Mondo Bizarro):

3. Coons- Night Bandits of the Night (Geek Juice):

4. Nabonga (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary):

5. Meat Weed Madness (The Girl Who Loves Horror):

6. Madison County (Geek Juice):

7. Snowbeast [2011] (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary):

8. Horror House (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary):

9. Dumpster Baby/The Suckling (Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary):

10. Bong of the Dead (Mondo Bizarro) :

11. 8MM2 (Geek Juice):

12. Cathy's Curse (Mondo Bizarro):

13. Robotropolis (Geek Juice) :

14. Android Insurrection (The Girl Who Loves Horror):

15. Robot Monster (The Girl Who Loves Horror) :

16. Vile (Gaming Creatively) :

17. Rockabilly Vampire (Gaming Creatively) :

18. Suburban Sasquatch (Gaming Creatively) :

19. The Apparition (Gaming Creatively):

Round 10
1. Meat Weed America (Mondo Bizarro):

6. Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie (Gaming Creatively):

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