Thursday, December 20, 2012

Because I Watched It: '90s Cartoon Intros (Based on '90s Films)

Rather than just throwing more '90s Cartoon Intros at you without's some context.

In the '90s, the Animation market was doing so well- see the last three Because I Watched It segments for proof- that there was a push to make EVERYTHING into a show.

Case in point: Beethoven.  No, really.

Instead of showing you that Intro, I'm going to highlight some good ones...and one oddball one.  First up, a show that is finally *sort of* getting a DVD release: Men in Black.
For once, a show that I actually watched a lot of makes it here!  Sorry, The Bots Master!

Next up, a decent show that came from a disappointing U.S. Remake: Godzilla.
For what it's worth, I liked this show.  It's still on Netflix (to my knowledge), so give it a shot.  The best part: no Godzookie!

A bit lower on the quality scale, the cartoon series based on a surprise hit: Jumanji.
While it's not a bad show, it...wasn't my favorite.  Some people are fans, giving it a cult following of sorts.

To conclude this set, here's something that...well, is weird.  You'll spot when it turns.  This is...Free Willy.
Did you catch it?  It's about 18 seconds in where you go '...the hell?!?'  This show ran for two Seasons, by the way.  Words fail me, gentlemen.

Did your favorite '90s film-to-animated-show not make the list?  Leave a comment and I'll see if you get your wish.

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