Saturday, December 22, 2012

Henry George Lucas: Caravan of Courage- An Ewoks Adventure

Oh yeah, I watched them!  Today's film is Caravan of Courage- An Ewoks Adventure.  It's one of two live-action films made for the video market by George Lucas post Jedi.  This came, mind you, alongside the Ewoks CARTOON show.  Wasn't worth the $2.99 for that, sorry.  Instead, I spent $7.99 (don't you judge me!) on this two-film set.  To be fair, I judged more on rarity than quality.  That's also why I own Godzilla 1985Elves, Psycho Shark, Psycho II, III, IV and Amityville 4 as well.  Since I'm a glutton to my poor impulse control, let's discuss the film.  It's really silly and insipid.  That should be obvious, I suppose.  The plot involves two kids searching for their missing parents and their only hope *sigh* is the Ewok Village nearby.  Just think of this like ripping off a bandage & read on...
Right away, we see two problems with the film.  First, the Ewoks are creepy and don't talk.  Second, Burl Ives has to explain everything as our Narrator.  Yea.
Oh and here's a sad hint at the future casting of Jake Lloyd.  George Lucas- never learning the lesson!

Just to note: both kid Actors on board were out of the business by 1991.  This girl only has two Films on her IMDB page to boot.
Mace here is the older brother and his job is to do all of the logical things you would do, but, since this is a Lucas film, they're all wrong.  Some luck!
When you think 'kid's film,' you think of scenes like a kid getting his arm bitten by a tree-dwelling reptiles and two kids terrorized by a giant rat.  Brilliant!
Making the title finally make sense, our heroes join up with the Ewoks to form a search party to rescue their parents.  They're being held by a giant bear/alien thing that doesn't eat them for reasons that will never be explained.
Those eyes!  Those eyes!  They will eat your SOULLLL!!!!!!
Oh alright, the story.  They traverse into a cave, kill a creepy spider (again- kids film!) and try to rescue the parents from the giant, vaguely-defined creature.
Sadly, one of the many, non-talking Ewoks dies at the hand of the creature.  Alas, Furball.  It's so sad.
 Enough of that- the parents were rescued, so let's party!  The End.
Even kids should be able to see through this crap.  Don't get me wrong- it's not completely terrible.  Someone clearly put a lot of work into this film- it just wasn't the Writer, Director or Producer.  The only person I give a lot of credit to is Joe Johnston, the Production Designer.  If you don't know the name, he made his name as a Director with 1991's The Rocketeer.  Granted- I'm biased because he also Directed the first *good* Captain America film last year.  He put a lot of work into making the Village and all of its inhabitants feel as real as Midgets/Little People in fur costumes with soulless eyes possibly could.  The rest of you can go to hell.  Seriously, this not good.  On the plus side, it only gets worse from here.  Before I go, here's me 'throwing a bone' to all you Furries out there.  Enjoy Ewok Foreplay...
Next up, the other film in the *thankfully-short* Ewok film series.  Prepare for a tonal shift so sudden that you'll spill your coffee!

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  1. I've seen the Ewoks films when I was 9 or 10 and I loved them. There was even an animated series I used to watch.

    Would be fun to watch them now. I think I'll end up completely frustrated :D