Saturday, December 1, 2012

Because I Watched It: Awesome '90s Cartoon Intros

I'm a sucker for cheesy things, be they movies, tv shows or food products.  As such, here's a bunch of cheesy cartoon show intros from the '90s.  I love this shit.

First up, a show that I barely, sort of remember.  It's a show blatantly-designed to sell toys.  Fun, fun, fun!
The best part about it is how much characterization there is.

Next up, one of the more confusing comics to adapt to a show designed for kids- Savage Dragon...
How about another Image comic property?  This one has the hat-trick of '90s intros: rock music, aggressive posing and...rap.  Yes, really.
This is utter, utter...awesomeness.  Only one Intro tops this one in pure awesomeness...

Extreme...Extreme...Extreme Dinosaurs.
Seriously, this show's intro is glorious.  If you want to get drunk really fast, take a shot every time they say 'Extreme.'

You might die, but whatever.

Did your favorite cartoon intro not make the list?  Leave a comment and I may just make a follow-up post.

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  1. Oh yeah, SkySurfer Strike Force! I don't know how others might respond, but just having that on your list makes it a win in my eyes.

    Incidentally, though, my brother was (and still is) a big fan of the Extreme Dinosaurs opening. Although now he can't listen to it without bursting into laughter. I'll let you decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing.