Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Confusing *Foreign* Cover Art: Abraham Lincoln- Vampire Hunter

I haven't done a Cover Art segment in a bit, but I couldn't resist after I saw this.

While looking for American Warships DVD Cover Art, I found a Spanish-language site that appeared to offer DVD Sales.  That's where I found this...
Hey, you're not Bill Oberst Jr!

Seriously, how do you mix up The Asylum film and the mainstream one?  There aren't even any Zombies on this Cover!

All five Spanish people in the U.K.- note the Certification Code on the Bottom- must have gotten a surprise!  Sorry, guys- you got the *slightly-better* film!


  1. I wonder if it was a joke? And if so, on whom?

  2. Clearly it was an attempt to trick Spanish-speaking audiences into watching the *inferior* version of the story.

    CG Blood aside (which was also in 'Vampire Hunter'), The Asylum version was better.

    Yes, it does feel weird to type that.