Friday, December 7, 2012

Because I Watched It!: More Awesome '90s Cartoon Intros

What the hell- let's keep this going!  Bring on the toons!

First up, a show that I never watched, but I do love its Theme Song.  Embrace the madness!
The show has a real Moeyo Ken vibe going on, but I'd probably still like it.  I am sick in the head, after all.

Let's keep the WTF?!? going with a show that is simply called Biker Mice From Mars.
No words can describe it.  No words!  I will say that the show had a 2006 revival (in Europe).  That's a first for this list!

How about a Wes Craven film adaptation?  No, it's not Last House on the Left: The Animated Series.  Instead, it's Swamp Thing...
I love this cheesy intro.  How this show only got five episodes is beyond me!

To wrap things up, I nearly went with Sam & Max.  Instead, here's Swat Kats...
I've covered this show in the past, but I still love it oh so much.  Cats flying a jet, fighting a Dragon and being shot at by robots.  What's not to love?

There are SO MANY more of these to cover.  I've glossed over stuff like Mighty Max, Earthworm Jim and others.  If you have suggestions of your own, leave a comment.  I might use your suggestions...or not.

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  1. Swat Kats, huh?

    *puts on M. Bison mask*

    YES! YES!

    Also, if you're fielding suggestions, then I've got one -- the Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoon. that opening got me hyped every time. The actual show...not so much. But man, that opening...