Monday, December 24, 2012

Announcements!: Project Asylum and Project Terrible: Round 9

Are you ready for a double dose of Terrible?

In a bit of twist, we're having a more free-form version of Project Terrible called Project Asylum.

It's simple- pick some Asylum films and review them.  No assignments here.

I will update this post as the links come in, so keep an eye out.

3 Musketeers:
American Warships:
666- The Child:
666- The Beast:
The Surge:
Air Collision:
Pirates of Treasure Island:
Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies & Battle OF Los Angeles:

Besides that, we have another Project Terrible Round!  Hurray for mutually-assured suffering!

The films you'll see this Round include...

Dumpster Baby
Robot Monster
Bong of the Dead
Snowbeast (2011)
Rockabilly Vampire

Make sure to check out the suffering as it happens!  

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