Friday, December 7, 2012

Help A Fellow Out: Predatory Moon

Amongst the spam and random-word-generated messages promoting LiveCam sites, I got this curious e-mail about a Horror film promotion.

Attention Horror Movie Fans!
The “Blood Drive” has begun for the up-coming independent film, Predatory Moon.

Predatory Moon is an old-school style werewolf movie that is scheduled for production in April. It is being directed by FX artist Shiva Rodriguez, who plans to include an on-screen transformation using only practical effects and makeup.

The crew of Predatory Moon is very excited about this ambitious project and they've just launched an unusual “Blood Drive” video series to help raise money for the production. To pave the way for the werewolves, they will be slaughtering a different horror movie monster every time a milestone is met on their indiegogo campaign.

You can see the videos for the Blood Drive on the Gallery Page of our campaign here: 

Or on our official website here:

The campaign ends on January 2, 2013.

Please help us spread the word!
Virginia Jasper
Producer – Predatory Moon

I make fun of enough movies on this website that I feel somewhat obligated to give back.  The film may end up being bad, but I'd rather it get made than six more 1313 movies or Puppet Master XXVIII.

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