Thursday, April 28, 2011

Project Terrible: We Are the Strange

Japan- I guess this was bound to happen.  My love affair with Japan is mostly due to their penchant for making crazy films.  Films like Battlefield Baseball, in which characters die and come back as cyborgs to fight a team of zombie baseball players, or Tokyo Gore Police, in which an elaborate conspiracy unravels when people start forming phallic guns on their body and shooting acid from their nipples.  Of course, they have made films that are extremely-strange and just this side of enjoyable- i.e. Stacy.  This day was bound to come- this movie is too weird for even me.  It is an animated film called We Are the Strange.  It was offered to me as a film that 'may give your eyes cancer.'  Well, my optic nerves appear to be cancer-free, but I can't say that I liked this film too much.  More accurately, I couldn't figure out what the hell was going on in this movie. just odd.  Let's just all agree that...
* Our hero is a thing named M.  He talks in random noises.  Yes, it is annoying.
* This lady is cursed with her skin turning blue when she smiles or talks.  The point of this is what exactly?
* A random computer virus thing is flying around and attacking other programs.  Unlike ReBoot, I'm still not sure what's going on.  That thing on his chest is a towel that absorbs lasers, by the way.
* The creature is attacking more of the system.  I still don't know why or how this matters.
* Yeah, I got nothing here.  It's like The Number 23, but more silly.
* ...nope, still nothing.  The End.
What the hell was that?  The plot of this movie is...well, obtuse.  They don't tell it in a logical manner or even try to allow you to follow it.  It's like a David Lynch film, only with animation and without a lesbian scene involving Naomi Watts.  You can't everything, I suppose.  Honestly, I made it about forty minutes into this film before determining that no more watching on my part would allow it to make sense.  Judge me if you want, but I doubt that many of you could go much further- if even that far.  It's an odd mix of regular animation, claymation and 8-bit video graphics.  I could forgive that if it had any rhyme or reason.  It doesn't.  The character don't talk normally and nothing makes sense.  If you want to watch it, be my guess.  I can't deny that it's creative and/or unique.  I can't deny that it's good and/or watchable.
Next up, I cover the film that was pretty much made for me.  Will the hybrid shark-octopus deliver the fun or just...well, wash up on the shore?  Stay tuned...

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